IKC Show (Inside Keones Closet)

This is my show on YouTube, IKC (Inside Keones Closet). Please follow me on YouTube Keone Dent for all content.

Episode 1 BE Confident. A visit to the nail salon gives you the secret to why I paint my ring finger nails. I invite you on a little date night with a close friend to a fine Latin Restaurant, the movie Wonder Woman, and a car conversation with my guest/ and friend Mona Lisa on the topic of the Keynote BE Confident! Get the health and fitness tip and step into my style ….Brought to you by Cheap ass colognes.

1st commercial on episode 1 of Inside Keones Closet, Cheap Ass Cologne

Episode 2 of IKC takes you to Charlotte NC and Houston TX. Soul food, bloopers from a music project, and discussion on keeping your mouth shut and eyes open and understanding everyone reacts differently to situations and no one is wrong for feeling what they feel. Brought to you by pornhub, cheap lube, and discreet house hold products.

Commercial for episode 2 of IKC (Inside Keones Closet) Brought to you by

Episode 3 of IKC takes you to Fort Lauderdale enjoying good food and drinks at 3 great locations, gives you pool workout tips, and teaches you the meaning of Altruistic and why it’s important we become just that! Brought to you by Cheap azz Wine

Commercial from episode 3 of IKC (inside Keones Closet) Cheap Ass Wine

Episode 4 of IKC shows you some of the great outdoors the city of Queens has to offer, and brings emotions to surface when talking about the keynote BE Present…a special song sung by me for my Granny and brought to you by toothpaste and a toothbrush possibly 9.


Episode 5 let’s you live through me on a London Layover. A friend\ co worker ,Sheree, joins me along with her singer song writer, a London Local, for drinks and great food and several locations through out London, afternoon tea and lite bites, a walk through Hyde Park and is brought to you by feeling like a new man with Spicebomb!

Episode 6 join me in Paris, France. Great wine, ok food (lol) and see the Eiffel tower lit up. Let’s all about what makes us cry and how we are no different from each other and deserve to be treated kind. Learn about the 7 day Detox, the cleaner. All brought to you by pop solo, make batches hear you!