BE Self Gratified

Yes I’m talking about masturbation. No one knows your body like you know your body so why not explore it? Learn what you like and don’t like, your spots and how they should be touched. Your breathing and synchronized movement. Every inch!

I have And it is very liberating!

The only thing in the past that has happened that i was afraid would happen is no one has been able to please me the way i can please myself. Today I am Not worried about it. Because it’s not one hundred percent their job to please me! I get To enjoy and to teach, and guide and have fun and BE Pleased while pleasing! Now I just Have to get out there and have sex which I don’t have much of. Whose next? Just know you have a lot to live up to. So get to practicing, on yourself!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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