BE About It

Do I really Need to say more? Yes I do! Lol. I’m not really the hookup kind of guy. Have I hooked up? Of course! One thing I have Learned is if and when I hook Up the person usually doesn’t stay on my mind and never makes it to my heart. Well wait! They have in the past but it was because I settled into the and tried to create something out of what was meant to be fun or maybe meant to be something more but because it moved so quickly sexually, I just Couldn’t get to a serious point with them. I digress!

There is something about a person who is so into me sexually at first and wants to get involved physically before really getting into my mind and who I am that turns me away from seeing them as someone I could Date long term. Now again don’t get me wrong I don’t Mind fun here and there and actually have been keen on the idea of having a FWB, but I know how to separate the fun from the ones I actually want to go further with!

This new separation of categories has Allowed for me not to be in my head so much about who is who and what will be, settling into unwanted mess and being misguided into something completely made up.

I’m many ways it puts me in total control. How do I know a person is more of someone I want To date than just a playmate? I feel The urge to let go of the control and share the control! In the mean time I get to DATE and PLAY and just BE!

Update Aug 1 2022: i found my forever playmate!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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