BE Picky

Almost everyone wants love, it’s human nature! Even those who have been hurt and decide they “will never fall in love again” find themselves craving for their opposite.

I used to BE the one who was “over it” and would “never again”. Until I found Myself in total loneliness because I separated Myself from all possibilities including friendships. When I got back out of the cave of solitude I found myself always in a relationship and one that I was Just settling in. I would find one thing I appreciated About someone and seal the deal and hope that all other things would eventually align and that a real relationship would bloom from the almost nothing that existed. This only brought resentment and left me lonely again only this time with a few years spent that could have been used to actually get to know myself and what I wanted And needed in a relationship and patiently waiting for that right one.

Lessons have been learned and great people met. So I truly don’t regret my past relationships. They have allowed me to know myself more and to appreciate alone time and preparation time for me to BE the best lover to the one who is waiting for me and I for them.

The question is often asked on dating sites and by friends and potential daters alike, “why is a great guy like you still single” and the true answer is, I know What I want And I will No longer settle for what I think I want! I have No types, I have No expectations, I have Standards, and I have Wants and needs and when all of these things align and my heart says yes, I too will Say yes!

Until then? I get To have fun and make connections and have a good time and just BE!

Update as of August 1st 2022 I am happily engage!!!!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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