BE a YES (to yourself)

Balance is key. You ever met someone who is used to always having their way and get all bent out of shape with control when things don’t go their way? They look crazy! Oh, you don’t know anyone like that? Must BE YOU. You don’t see a problem with it? That’s cool too.

Personally for me I appreciate the No’s. The universe/God has a way of protecting your best interest or guiding you to the “right” yes’s in your life. I like Guidance!

Besides I get To tell myself yes. Yes to personal time, yes to health, yes to mental stability, yes to love, yes to BE! So anytime I hear a no from someone I simply find a way to tell myself YES! If I get told No I didn’t get The acting role, I tell Myself Yes I get To audition for another. If I get rejected and told no to a date I tell myself yes I get To set a date up with someone else. “No keone, you may not have any of my candy” …. I tell myself Yes and go buy my own!

Hear me! The No’s are never the final answer! Besides look at the ones telling you no, are they even worth not saying yes to yourself?

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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