BE Celebrated

I decided A long time ago I would Stop complaining about my body. Now, I still Do! Lol. But I also Celebrate it. I mean this is the only body I have. It’s not going to change over night. It’s healthy and it’s mine. Technically my body is it’s best, today, in this moment. The things I don’t Like I can Change through hard work, dedication, or a lot of money! Lol.

I want To encourage everyone to love your bodies! Take good care of your bodies and celebrate your body. Big small, fat, skinny, cut up, cut less, sexy, corky. Take photos in swimsuits and post, pose nude and celebrate, stop body shaming yourselves and change what you don’t like but without representing your current self! You never know, today could BE your last day on earth making your body the BEST it’s every been, ALIVE!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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