BE Crazy

Listen!!!!! I have Great conversational skills. Why in the hell would I leave myself out of that? Especially as I come Across many who don’t know how to communicate?

I haven’t Come across many people who don’t say they talk to themselves. I do However come across many who think they might be crazy for doing so. Stop!!! You’re not!

I BElieve that conscience has you to speak to yourself. Even deeper I think Your higher power, mine is God, as if i haven’t said that enough, is actually talking to you through you! People who talk to themselves actually have a conscience and need to hear decisions, etc, out loud! Those who don’t talk to themselves just make decisions without thought and consultation. SCARY!!!!! Stay far away basic folks who don’t speak to yourselves! Get back! I don’t trust y’all at all!

Talk out loud to yourselves! We make the best decisions when we talk things out and many times we may be the only one around to talk to or listen to! I mean Hell, my keynotes are me talking out loud to myself, and someone it’s me that’s the only one reading them. BE!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE Crazy!

Keone Dent


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