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I have been told on numerous occasions that I was intimidating. Usually later in a friendship when we are reminiscing on when we first met and what our first impressions were. I have also heard it over dinner from crew members that I had just met and they usually go deeper in explaining what “intimidating” looks like to them. Got it all together, resting bitch face, mean, booshey, stuck up, better than, sassy, rude. Ew gross! I don’t want to appear like that ever! But apparently I have been coming across like that. 

I chop it down to defense mechanism since a kid. Appear strong and together and no one will fuck with you. I guess now that I really love and accept myself, my face and body language has stuck to the habit of “appearing” Strong and together aka confident. Well I am strong! And I strive to keep it together every minute of everyday. Truth is I have so many insecurities and often times I find myself wanting acceptance from others. I tend to wait for someone else to say hi or strike up conversation. I prejudge how someone is and especially if I don’t get great vibes I usually stay to myself until a task or something causes us to have to interact with each other. Still secretly wanting connection and conversation. The longer the silence is the tougher I get. Lol. Human nature? No! Not at all. What the f@&$ is wrong with me!? With us? 

I am a loving, fun, outgoing, connected man and there is no reason that I should appear intimidating to almost every single person that comes my way. The majority vote here is I’m not approachable. And that’s not cool. 

Think of how many opportunities I’ve missed, gigs, connections, even great friendships, all because I came across as “cant be bothered bitch”. 

Not everyone is out here to hurt us. So why have this same approach of intimidation to everyone that comes along? 

I am going to make it a point to speak to everyone that I come into contact with. To BE Kind and loving to everyone. Smile more, introduce myself and strike up conversation. I will BE Approachable! Life is too short  to be out here intimidating everyone and all just to end up alone and wondering “what is wrong with me”. If WE all would just BE Approachable, imagine the love that would be floating around. Connections made and the dreams that could come true. Collaborations and new creative partners. The possibilities would be endless. 

Join me in BEing Approachable. Continue to BE Confident. Have your ish together and live regal and high on life but still BE Approachable. If anyone after this shift is still intimidated then it will be safe to say they have issues within themselves or they might just be haters. 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


I can hear some of you now! I don’t judge, nope not me, I accept everyone. I also hear:

  1. Only God can judge me 
  2. It’s my life I can do what I want to
  3. I don’t care what anyone thinks 
  4. It’s not my place to judge

Then guess who is the main one judging and not letting someone live. Yup you got it… but I wont speak for them I will only speak of myself. 

Yes! I am very judgmental. The moment I wake up from a nights sleep I begin to judge. Myself. Then my roommates, then a few people I see on tv. And that’s all before I even leave the house and deal with people physically. My mind goes on and on. She shouldn’t wear that, why is he doing that. She doesn’t even love him, why she pretending. His hair, her nails, their makeup, why, how, really? 

I am also that guy who walks around and can read when someone is judging me and I just want to yell in their face; what? Never seen someone living their best life before or something? Like damn let me be me and what you gotta say anyway? Then my mind instantly goes to finding things that are wrong with them and boom, I’m judging them and it feels GREAT! 

Now, I’m not saying we aren’t going to judge because that would be a lie within itself! It’s nature. However, keeping it to yourself is one thing but when you are constantly nagging others about being who they are you are contributing to the battle we are currently in of finding, accepting, and just BEing ourselves. 

You know how we claim that our religion is the only one right and we put down others for who they believe in. Or we look at others and how tight they like to wear their clothes and how flashy one dresses just to go to the super market and judge that something is wrong with it because it’s not what we would wear or how we would wear our clothes. Or what about the flamboyant gay guy who speaks like a woman and prances around happily all while we are “masculine” and just real men but sleeping around with every disease walking the earth. Oh and the person who has no hair, natural hair, fake hair, fake boobs, fake ass. Or what about how “ghetto” one is or they sound white and must have lived a privileged life (to the proper black person), why she act black 

(To the Over expressive white person). I mean I could go on and you know I can but I’ll stop and let you come up with other characteristics. 

Bottom line or top (idc) is let people BE! YOU get to BE YOU, others get to BE them! I know the world can’t change all together and all of a sudden everyone is just accepting and loving of one another but it can start with us (me and the ones reading this) to change of personal circles and the ones we come Into contact with. We can start by BEing aware of our facial expressions when we see something we don’t like and shift a scrunched up nose to a smile. Instead of telling someone they are too much or over the top, remind them they are enough and matter! Instead of putting someone down for how they look or dress we can find something to uplift and compliment them on. Instead of proving why the higher power we praise is the only way we could learn of theirs and converse about each other’s religion in an open conversation that doesn’t need to be a debate. So on and so forth! 

The world is tit for tat (my opinion, in many cases). Cuss at someone and they will probably cuss you back, lay hands and you gone feel some hands, give a look and you gone get a look back or cussed out and then the circle of tit and tat all over again. Flash a smile and many time you get one back. Extend your hand and many times it becomes a hand shake. Hugs are returned, Love is reciprocated, so is hate.

Join me and do your best to BE NON Judgmental. I BElieve it will bring us to a place to where we feel more free in BEing who we want to BE by allowing others to BE who they are. This is how we want it anyway right? We don’t want a world of cookie cut cloths of everyone looking and thinking and sounding the same? BEing Free in who one is what truly makes the world go round! 

The next time you find yourself in discuss over who someone is, or what religion they practice, how they dress, act, speak, think, live …. remind yourself that you are being judged by something more powerful than yourself. And until the end NONE of us know what is truly right or wrong. We will see. Or will we? (Insert Villain laugh here) 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


We are all so different! Everyone of us. Though we may have similar qualities and characteristics, WE are ALL DIFFERENT! So if we are different then that means everything  in life doesn’t work the same way for each person. Decisions are not meant to be made the same way, lessons are not learned the same way. What works or worked for you may not for someone else. 

So maybe you have experienced something that someone else may be going through, or have wisdom and knowledge in situations but YOU have NEVER been anyone else but yourself! Hello? It is important that we don’t push advice or ideas on others. We can’t always predict what will work for someone else and remember everyone is a living human being and what we push off on someone can drastically change their life even for the worst and all because we know it all and only our way is the way. 

Instead of proving to everyone why what we believe or have learned is the right way we should BE Sharing our testimonies and stories and wisdom in such a way that allows one to want to learn more or make a decision to try on whatever is BEing Shared. We should allow people to be individuals and get their aha moments from experience. Learn what works for them in whatever situation even if the situation is identical to what we ourselves have been through. If it’s life threatening and you must use a bit more force, DON’T! Unless you are certified! Hello! Somethings call for professional help. 

In every lesson learned is an opportunity to pass the wisdom down to others. It is the way of life. So BE Sharing your wisdom with all the learn from but don’t force! No need to prove. The proof will be in the results they create. And the only proof is what worked for them. Got it? Good!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent