A mother, father, doctor, lawyer, rockstar, actor, cashier, cab driver, flight attendant, pilot, whatever career or life you’ve chosen currently is your life. The things you choose to do in life whether it’s going to the movies, on a cruise, a safari, a vacation, or just sit at home and do nothing, is your choice and makes up apart of the life you live. Are you enjoying it? Are you making the best out of your life?
I’ve always wanted to be this big deal actor. Also a singer, oh and a model, a talk show host, a father, and a flight attendant. Yeah couldn’t really make up my mind as i wanted to do it all and had the talent to also back it up but not all of these things have happened for me yet. So many times I find myself living through others experiences and life events. Enjoying the benefits they reap. Then I realized, wait I’m not enjoying their life, I’m living my own life which happens to be shared with their life. Because regardless if I’m going to an event or a venue because it’s a part of someone else’s life, I surely am Alive and that means it too is apart of my life and I get to enjoy it.
The real lesson: I have not always been happy with how all of my life has turned out. All of my dreams and aspirations are still being created and prayed on to be reached. Some things have come to past and some that I’m not into anymore. Bottom (and top) line is for whatever moment I am in and where ever I am in life I must BE Grateful. WE must BE Grateful for what we have and where we are in life. If things are missing or not how you wanted them to be then go back to the drawing board and make some goals and get out there and make them happen. Remain Grateful as you wait for the other things to come through. If we can’t Be Grateful in our life many times other opportunities are missed because we don’t even know (or care for) what we do have.

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUTiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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