I was recently asked by a participant and now friend of a workshop I was coaching for, “if you could give advise to young Keone, what would it be”? I didn’t have to think hard at all. It instantly came  to me. I would tell him to wake up and stop dreaming.
So many years I would make wishes and dream about what I would do with all of my talents. Making plans and setting goals but never really chasing anything and hoping that one day my dreams would just come true. That somehow, magically a coin thrown in a wishing well or a passionate thought on a falling star would just make its way into reality and I would go to sleep at night and wake up in the life that I wanted.
I still sometimes find myself waiting for everything to just come to me.
After answering Bianca’s question (please follow her blog www.pointetothenext.com) I realized I didn’t have to go too far back to speak to young Keone because hello I’m not that old!!!! So while i tell my myself, I figured i would tell all of you as well. WAKE up!!!!!
Stop just dreaming about what you can do or BE and get out there and start doing and BEing. Life is still happening all around you and you can’t wait to BE Living, you have to choose to live and seriously living is so much more than just breathing! Even if you have a couple of dreams you feel you are not ready for and want to “sleep” on them a bit, there are things you could BE doing to prepare you for when the time is right. Also keep in mind if you dream to sing, act, dance, cook, bake, take pictures, model, direct, whatever it is, dreams are dreams and the level of making them true are many. Maybe you won’t start on the level that you dream of or maybe you will but don’t base it on level yet base it on actually living your dream.
Many times, really most times, our dreams are the sole purpose we were sent here. Be sure to BE Living in your purpose, I mean unless you think your purpose is to just breathe.

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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