These days there are so many electronic ways to find “love”. Tinder, ok Cupid, E Harmony, Christian mingle, surge, bumble, Grindr. Okay maybe not so much Grindr ?. We get to swipe up, down, left, right, all based on a profile created by the stranger in the other end. What I have found mostly is someone just wanting to have fun and not admit it, broken spirits looking for someone to fix them, controlling, cocky, yet insecure boys who can’t live up to the profile they’ve created and sometimes, it’s me who is not ready and jumps too quickly and I’m not all they thought I would be.
Many times I am picky, choosy, and selective in chatting with people in public. I usually have a set place and goal in mind for the day and I complete the task without being aware of who is crossing my path, or I give a quick hello and swap smiles and move along. When I go out with crew members and or with friends, I simply go out with the agenda to have a good time with the ones I came with. I like to be in control of my life and everything in it. That’s why the apps are so ideal for me because I get to decide who I talk to and don’t, whose worthy and worth it or not…… WRONG!
Let me tell you why I BElieve this is wrong and not completely healthy.
I don’t BElieve in just one soulmate. I BElieve there are many different people out there that we can connect with and choose from to Be with. But I don’t think all of them are online. Not all of them are on the beach, or in the mall, or at the bar, or on a cruise ship, or at a speed dating event, or in a plane, or anywhere in particular , but yet they are  everywhere.
If you were looking for your keys, and had been searching for hours, retracing your steps to the grocery store, to a friends house, where ever, would you think to look in a strangers house? No because they aren’t lost someplace you haven’t been so there is no way you would find them there. Do you get it?
You won’t BE Found doing and going to the same places and not being open and out there. You have to chat it up, involve yourself in your surroundings and the people in it. Go to events, single outings, go to restaurants alone, movies, anywhere and get lost in the world so you can Be Found. You may even be the one to find. Yes you know what I’m going to say next! You may end up finding yourself! Get LOST and BE Found!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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