Monthly Archives: July 2017

Today, we can be whatever we want to be. Although some things we have to work hard at, one thing is for sure, right now we are the greatest that we can be for the moment and we have the ability to be even greater. So when we can be whatever we want to be why would we call ourselves anything less than what we can be?
Instead of I’m so fat, why can’t it be I am working out to be a healthier me. Instead of claiming to be so stupid, how about I plan to take classes in such and such. You follow me right? Instead of calling ourselves out to being the negative why don’t we uplift who we are to the positive.
Whatever we claim to be will be embed in our heads and make it a habit to be just that. What’s worst is we will give others the ok to think the same about us! As you may already know, people are easily persuaded. Think of some of these celebrities we praise for being Amazing. Many of them aren’t really anything to write home about yet they believe in who they are and in return others follow in believing they too are stars!
So I encourage everyone to be a star (even if not a celebrity) be a star in your own way and shine bright with who you are! BE Amazing as there is no one else quite like who you are!!! Stop putting yourself down! Save that for the haters who will need blockers for how bright you will be shining.

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful, …BE!

Keone Dent