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So many things frustrate us. It all began as a child. Learning to ride a bike, video game villains, not being able to have a special toy or candy on demand. Carried over to adulthood! puzzles, can’t find your keys, not enough sex, PEOPLE! You name it! There is not one human being on earth who hasn’t been Frustrated. However, the outcome of the actions chosen during frustrating times vary.

I will not go into depth with this keynote because it is simply said. It is totally ok to BE Frustrated! We should, however, learn how to deal with frustration in a positive way.

I find when I get frustrated with something I breathe deep and tell myself it’s not a big deal. If that doesn’t work, I work out or do something that gets my mind off of the frustrating source. Still frustrated? I take a break from it or remove it totally.

Straight to the advice! Can’t find your keys (and you know this is very frustrating), once you find them make a copy of every key and keep them somewhere safe so that if you lose your keys again you will have a spare set and never run late or have to run around looking crazy searching for them again. Make a copy of those and once you find the first missing set now you have 3. Stress is eliminated in the future. Unless you lose all three, well, then you’re just a jerk. Lol.

Frustrated because you’re not having enough sex or something isn’t going your way, or you can’t have something you want. This advice is simple. Learn to please yourself sexually, one, or two find a sex buddy or 2 that you can trust to always be there for you. Cold showers! Working out is a great way to release sexual tension. And back to one, learn to PLEASE YOURSELF! Something isn’t going your way and can’t have something you want? Grow the f&$@ up. If this is the cause of your frustration then you are simply spoiled and selfish. I was this guy in some situations! If something doesn’t go your way, then find another something that will go your way and let that be the balance. Can’t have something let it go, whatever it is, you will one day find you didn’t really want it or need it anyway. And if it is something needed, trust that a way will be made for you to have it and in a legal proper way. So chill!

Now puzzles/solutions and people. PEOPLE especially! Puzzles and solutions first. If you are stuck on a problem and need to find the solution whether for work, a fun puzzle book or magazine free fun page, whatever, take your time and breathe. Think on the problem and find ideas that may work to solve the issue. Still can’t do it on your own then ask for assistance/ help and still can’t find the solution right away then take a break! Don’t sit there and drive yourself crazy. Move on to something else and come back to it once your brain has rested from overdrive. BEing Frustrated for no reason and for too long is not healthy at all and will just trickle into the rest of your day.

Now as for PEOPLE, I had to start another paragraph for this one. I also noticed how I said I was going to keep this simple and to the point, sorry, but you knew better didn’t you? Back to people. The ways of other people, the things they believe in, how they handle certain things, speak, move, eat, sleep, look, all things possible of PEOLE can frustrate us. The beauty of life is, you don’t have to be frustrated by them at all. Learn to communicate (about the things that can be changed) what is frustrating you and see if there is a solution to what is frustrating you with this person. Is it just a habit or a quality that cannot be changed? Then learn to take a break from it or simply accept it, as if you care enough for this person it shouldn’t be hard to find more of the things you love about them to over shadow the things about them that frustrate you. Lastly if you just can’t take it then move on and remove the frustration totally. No sense in becoming ill or even dying from the unnecessary frustration. No really look it up! Frustration turns to stress and stress is bad for the body and you can DIE!!! ?

BE Frustrated yes! Let frustration take over your life no! It is important to balance this out. We cannot skip through fields of daisies towards our magical unicorns and ride them into beautiful meadows of colorful don’t give a f@&$, it’s not possible! We have to accept that life will have frustrating moments and people in it. But we cannot allow ourselves to be tied down by frustration causing us to be bitter and have hate in our hearts towards everything and saying FML this is just how it is. We have more power than we think! Don’t forget that as things frustrate you, you are also the cause of someone else’s frustration. So basically, get over it and live life my friends.

BElieve, Be Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


What are you afraid of? What makes you afraid of whatever it is you’re afraid of? Was it a bad situation you experienced? Are you afraid because you’ve heard horror stories concerning the things you are afraid of? Has it caused you to stay away from the things that intimidate you or cause you fear? Has it even taken over your life causing you to miss out on a few things because you are afraid of even facing it? Snakes, dogs, clowns, flying in planes, the dark, taking a new turn in life, aging, rejection, DEATH!

Well what if I told you the only solution to conquering your fears is YOU? What if I told you that you even had the power to get over your fears and that they were all just inside your head. What if you understood that the fear is not in the actual thing you are afraid of. Well, I’m not only the president of fear I’m also a client, lol.

I have always had a fear of flying! Super terrified of death, not only my own but losing my mother has been my biggest fear ever!

Becoming a flight attendant has taught me the ins and outs and the safety of flying. I can’t tell you how many times I have had “the worst turbulence ever” and then at the end, after we land, I think, that wasn’t so bad. I’ve learned it’s not flying that I’m afraid of, it’s the accidents and the incidents that could happen on an airplane. Honestly though, couldn’t these incidents and accidents happen on the ground? I mean movie theatres and clubs are shot up, banks are held hostage, car accidents, gas leak explosions, fires. All that. Why be afraid? Missing out on life. Never travel and see what the world has to offer because your afraid. Never going out dancing, enjoying company, living life because of fear of what can happen. Never seeing a new released movie. I mean honestly you should be more afraid of the prices of a movie these days. If anything bad is ever going to happen, it could happen anywhere!

Now, death has been pretty hard for me to get over. I get anxiety at times right before I go to bed thinking what if this is when I don’t wake up. Being far away from my mommy also gives me the fear that I will lose her. Seriously though. We cannot control when we leave this earth! Our time is our time. I’ve used this example before in the keynote, BE Connected. Instead of worrying about losing your loved ones or clocking out yourself, just enjoy them and enjoy life until you can’t anymore. Life is good and you will never know it worrying all the time.

Fear comes for you hard core when you show you’re afraid of it. A dog for example. When they know you are scared is when they really try you. Same for bullies. Stand up and show your confidence and they usually leave you be. Not all snakes are poison ness or strong enough to choke you out, so the reality is you are afraid of the bad snakes, and sure you should be. Clowns? Come on they are not all “it” or the other horror films characters. I get it though I am uneasy around masked people as well.

Rejection! Very scary thing. Why though? Maaaaaaan, do you know all the opportunities you leave behind being afraid of being rejected? Not making changes because you think you will be turned down? It’s all about confidence and passion and just taking the leap!!!!

Join me in getting over the very things that have us tired down in fear. Remember the acronym F.E.A.R, learned so long ago (or maybe it’s your first time hearing it), False Evidence Appearing Real! Sure there are some bad things in this world but there is a lot to stand tall for and the only way to really shine and enjoy life to the funniest is to stare your fears in the face head on and conquer them!

BE Fearless! If you’re going to be afraid of anything you should be afraid of everything. Right? What a terrible way to live, IF you even consider that Living.

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


First impressions are everything right? Especially if we are in the field of dating. We want to make sure we are witty, fun, outgoing, sassy, sexy, intelligent, exciting enough to hold the attention of another person. We hide our baggage deep in closets full of bones. Cover up our “crazy” in sandboxes filled with insecurities left behind from our past. We do all we can to only allow what we made up in our minds to be the perfect image hoping our flaws aren’t anywhere to be found.

Until one day we have hidden too long that our true inner self can no longer hide in the closet, suffocating and choking on the sand and boom releases 3 times worse than we even imagined. Whoa! What made me say that, do that, this isn’t me.

Actually, yes it is my friend. You are exactly who you are in your low times and you are truly who you are in your high times, we need to find a way to keep it balanced and remain in our “now” Times.

Okay I digress because I’m going into some other keynote lessons.

Isn’t it hard to maintain a lie? I mean you have to remember all the details, and remember how you told it, who you told it to. One lie must be supported by another and then before you know it you have about 2 years of lies saved up and you pray it never comes up again as you have forgotten how the timelines goes. Ummm yes I am speaking from experience. Smh. Lesson learned and I try my hardest not to even tell a white lie because they too turn black quickly! Sometimes even RED! ?

Same goes for just being who you are! Especially when meeting new people. I mean your true self will eventually come out regardless of how hard you try to suppress it.

Listen up, if you cover up who you are (specifically speaking of flaws) you will surely attract who you want, but will you keep them? Is it worth just having that fine man/woman for just a little while and then finding out they aren’t the one for you or vise versa all because you attracted the wrong one with your cover up or they found they could handle you for ALL that you are including your flaws!?

Sometimes we are simply not ready for relationship because we haven’t found out exactly who we are and therefore are not sure what the hell we even want. We just know we don’t want to be alone. How unfair you selfish asshole (speaking to some of my exes and myself mostly lol). So because you are lost it’s okay to lure in another person and get lost together? WRONG, (as my grandfather would say obnoxiously, when he just had to be right). It’s not ok! You are wasting their time, wasting your own time and only setting yourself and them up for heartbreak and possibly becoming even more damaged or worst yet damaging someone else.

BE Unmasked! Know who you are and accept who you are, for who you are! Communicate with others! They already know there is no such thing as a perfect person (you do know this right?). If you are broken or damaged, you are not ready! Don’t bring that baggage, aka drama, into your next relationship! Repair yourself, love yourself, find yourself, then allow others to discover you and begin that search. As a mascaraed ball is exciting, no one wants to uncover a mask to find a face full of maggots!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent