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Many people are judgmental. It is possible you are one of those people. Speaking for myself, I can be very judgmental. We are quick to say “you don’t know me”, “Only God can judge me”, “I’m a work in progress, don’t judge me”, all the while we are judging all things around us we either don’t understand or simply do not accept. From the way one dresses, to the way they speak, look, to the activities one enjoys, race, lifestyle, color, sexuality, to even groups or company one keeps.

Many times we are judging someone based on what we don’t like or understand about ourselves. Or Lack of what we don’t have, this latter part is simply called HATING on someone. I have to go straight into a personal understanding that will tie BE Accepted together!

I didn’t really learn or accept the fact I was a gay male until my 20’s. Before that and even after that I did not like flamboyancy. I would make sure not to befriend anyone who was over the top feminine. I judged people for wearing their clothes too tight, popping their lips, twisting their hips, and snapping their fingers. I have even in recent years told people I was not your typical gay. Thinking I had to be one of the straight acting ones…….. LMAO. I am Keone Dent for those who don’t know…. ENOUGH SAID (pops mouth) lol!

As I grow older and more comfortable with myself and have become a promoter for self love and acceptance, I have learned that I was embarrassed and worried about not BEing Accepted myself that I didn’t accept anything else that was different. Well not out loud I didn’t. I secretly admired these persons for being able to just BE and celebrate who they were without having to cover up or downplay who they were. Once I learned to accept my own uniqueness and celebrate who I am, is when I started accepting others.

Don’t get me wrong, you will still hear an occasional gasp, or see my facial expressions tell on my feelings about something that I don’t agree with but it never changes my heart of actually accepting someone for who they are.

This doesn’t mean we have to agree with what is going on. You may still judge an over eater without knowing their medical conditions, while your smoking cigarettes, weed, drinking excessively. There is a chance you may cringe at two women or men kissing or holding hands walking in love, while you’re out there sleeping around with 5 straight people a month. Quite possible that you will feel one is wrong for praying to a statue and doing routine religious acts that make them appear silly and crazy while you forget to even pray or meditate unless you are in trouble and in need. Ever think of how you judge a woman for wearing too much makeup and being “fake”? I wonder how many times she listened to people like us who told her she was ugly or not girly enough that caused her to become so superficial.

Accepting one simply means you don’t treat them different for what they are about. Especially when it is doing YOU no harm. Now, pause, if one is doing things against the law, or that is causing hurt or pain to themselves or to another then by all means BURN THEM! Just kidding. Talk to them. BE Real with them and offer suggestions and help if needed. Pray for them, love them, guide them. Not your responsibility? Not your business? Oh Ok….Then stop judging them as if it was unless you’re willing to take it on.

Many times when we show that we accept someone for who they are, the way they look, the life they live, it will be returned. Usually the judgers are the ones who feel judged. If we start today, accepting the people in our lives now and carry it on with the new people we will meet daily it is sure to be a domino effect and we wouldn’t have war within our own lives along with the war our entire world is at. It will spread into the lives of others and there is sure to be some kind of result and change within our human race.

BE Accepted by accepting yourself and learning to accept others. Always know you will still judge whether you try to or not and therefore know that you will always be judged. BUT HERE IS THE BIGGEST POINT! When we say no one accepts us or people are always judging me there is truth behind it and it bothers you because you have already judged yourself and have become worried of how you will be accepted. Even if NO ONE EVER accepts you, if you can accept yourself and remember you matter then you have already changed the mind of one other person. YOU. BE Accepted. Even if you are the only one accepting YOU.

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent