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Beyonce is NOT the most beautiful woman in the world, (not my thoughts, rest beehive). Wendy Williams is not the ugliest. As a matter of fact I know at least 6 people who feel Beyonce is looking older than her age and without makeup and hair is a plain Jane. There are people who would drink Wendy Williams’s bath water, believing she is a beautiful amazon goddess. NOT me but I’m sure there are a few out there. Kelly Ripa, too skinny? Rebel Wilson (fat Amy) too fat? Kim Kardashian, too madeup? India Arie, too natural? Prince(RIP), too feminine? Anyone else you can think of and them being too (blank). BTW these are not my thoughts on the above celebs. I happen to like Prince and Rebel A LOT. We all have our own opinion of what sexy is.

I believe sexy is felt. Deep inside of a person. Then radiates truth and others then recognize it. OKAY not always, I forgot about HER. Fact is sexy is what you make it. I know beautiful people, I mean so close to flawless, who are not sexy. They are plain, think they are plain, causing others to think the same. I know people, in my opinion, ugly, gross, and mean even, who have believed in their sexy for so long and know how to use it. They are the ones with boyfriends/girlfriends that you pass and say, HOW DID SHE PULL HIM/HER? Mmhmm….Don’t be jealous…Find your sexy.

Sexy is not just an appearance. It’s the way you talk, the way you smell, the way you move. Things you do. How you carry yourself. Sexy can be classy! It can be shy and innocent. Sexy can be sassy. It can also be flat out raunchy. Sexy attitudes, again whichever you find is your sexy, goes well on any body size or shape. Sexy works for anyone! ANYONE! You just have to find it.

I personally feel like as I get older I get more and more sexy. It’s definitely something that is coming from the inside. No I don’t think I’m ugly, but I have never put myself into the sexy category. I would say physically I have designated my eyes to be my visual of sexy. I use them often when expressing emotion, talking, or just looking around. Habit forming confidence and flirtatious sexiness. When these eyes disappear then what? Well then I have my silly who cares what you think sexy attitude. Lol… My sexy is a clown. Full of confidence, lil sassy. Dresses how he wants. Walks with head high, eyes low. Now, if I lose that, I still have my butt. LMAO….STOP JK….NO I’M NOT.

I guess I really don’t know how I want to present this BE Sexy to you. I wish I could just let you sit in my mind for a moment.  I’m attempting to explain that EVERYONE has the ability to BE Sexy. I have found myself many times looking at someone and thinking they shole is ugly…..But DAMN they sexy as hell. LMAO. Am I the only one really? This is how I know everyone is able. Not everyone is willing though. That too is okay. Maybe sexy just isn’t your thing.

Find your sexy within yourself. Discover your sexy and BE Sexy in your way! Find things physically about yourself that you just love and apply sexy to it. Maybe you have a soft touch. Make it a sexy touch. Maybe you have GREAT hair. Use it, make it sexy hair. Eyes? Bat them, squint them, wink one….BE Sexy. Long Legs? Nice Ass? Walk in your sexy. Stride, Glide, and slide through your day. Plush, plump lips, find a real nice lipstick, women, men, chapstick, lick you lips, bite your lips. LOL….You get it….Take the sexy you find on the inside, pair it with the physical qualities you hold on the outside and BE Sexy. It’s really simple. You won’t have it all but you got something. Run with that something and BE Sexy!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



May seem like a simple straight to the point Keynote. It depends on how deep you look into. Honestly you don’t have to search that deep. Just like life. Answers are there but we are too busy trying to dig deeper without understanding what we do know. That’s a different Keynote though.

Yes! The first meaning of the keynote is simple. It’s hard to do many things we want to in a short spam (life is indeed short). Summed up, life is hard.

The deeper true meaning when I wrote this keynote, was, it’s hard to LIVE life! As we are busy working hard to pay bills, raise families. Minds cloudy with how we will reach this goal, save that penny, make this move, make a decision on that. Rearranging our worlds to make room for vacations, throwing special events, celebrating others, to the point that even planning and taking the vacation becomes work. HARD WORK! In the process of “evolving” in life, we forget or don’t know how to live it. At our means. Of course save up for the big vacation but in the meantime enjoy what you have or can have now. The park. A local restaurant, family, friends, loved ones, YOURSELF. Don’t forget you.

Keeping this balance will keep us content with what we have while striving to have more. It won’t make life easier at all but you will at least be LIVING life. Surviving is the hard part. Happiness is a major part of the survival. BE Strong and LIVE life. You probably don’t see how the title BE Strong goes. It does though. It takes a strong mind to be able to enjoy and live life through the hurdles and humps that come our way daily. BE Strong and live life anyway. Really LIVE it. Get out and DO WHAT YOU WANT! BE Strong and DO IT!

BElieve, BE Free,  BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



Have you ever poured a bowl of ceral without really looking at the milk or smelling it, it comes out clumpy, and you read the expiration date was 2 weeks ago? Maybe you’ve eaten food that was left out too long causing food Bourne illness, also known as food poisoning. Eaten too much of something you’re sick, wanting to purge? There are sweet foods, bitter foods, nutritious foods, junk food, snacks (just a temporary fix), full course meals, fast foods, and home cooked foods. ALL have expiration dates. If you avoid the expiration date, you could be feeding your body toxins and become very ill!

Same with people! Some are sweet in your life, some a bit bitter. Some nutritious for the soul. Others we just spooned on our plates because it was there. Some people are just for the moment like a snack. Some are here for a long while, like a home cooked meal. We become full of someone we’ve had too much of. Then there are some that ARE plain ROTTEN and SPOILED and filling our lives with TOXINS!

Food poisoning example really stands out from a story of my mothers. Pizza hut, sometime in the 80’s.  My mommy got food poisoning. From that day forward she never ate anything with tomato sauce, melted cheese. Later in life she started liking things with this in it. It wasn’t until she tried it later to know she liked it. So lesson is that just because something makes you sick one time, it may be pleasing to you again. You just have to be willing to try it again.

A personal story without going into detail. I used to hold on to people who were showing an expiration date. They were my favorite ingredient though! I mean there was no way this was going to be duplicated. After tossing It out eventually and trying it again later I knew exactly how I wanted it to be. If it ever tastes the same as something that I knew wasn’t right for me I know now not to eat it. See it’s all about the lesson.

People show their expiration date. Signs show when they are not there for you as they were before, If you pay attention to their warnings/expiration dates you will be able to clearly see when they need to be thrown out. Don’t allow people to fill you with toxins! BE Healthy and throw out the things in life that have expired!

Not a deep explanation but a deep keynote. BE Healthy, throw out things in your life that have expired!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent




Everyone Likes presents. If you have been around a few jokers you would understand it’s sometimes opening the gift that’s the scary part.

Take a moment to think back to the first time you could remember opening a gift. Such an exciting feeling. Not knowing what is under that decorated paper but wishing it to be what you wanted. Depending on how far back you went to get to the first memory of a gift, you probably didn’t even understand why you were ripping paper off of boxes. All you knew was it was exciting.

Every day is brand new. A new day all wrapped up carefully in 24 hours, all just for you! Why not opening it with excitement? Can you imagine? BE Surprised and receive life’s gift!

Oh, No No I understand! Not all gifts are what we expected. Many times they hardly could be considered gifts. Such is life. SO just as gifts sometimes are exactly what we wished for and sometimes they are gifts we don’t need or can’t handle. If you never opened the gift would you know if it’s what you needed or not?

Life should be opened the same! On your special day you may open underwear, fruitcakes, office supplies, appliances, a lot of sizes too small, a couple of wrong colors, and a whole lot of nothing. Then you get to the one gift, it’s a car, the color you want, equipped with everything. One day in life offers these gifts. Some days will not gift you exactly what you want. You will always get what you need. I mean I do need underwear. In life WE DO NEED LESSONS. So BE Surprised and open life not knowing what it will offer.

What about those gifts that are cute and thoughtful but come with a lot of responsibility? You know? A plant, a puppy. Things you have to look after in order to keep the gift. Life offers us these gifts. We must discover these gifts. USE these gifts and cherish these gifts! How will you know your gift if you are afraid to open it? BE Surprised and OPEN your gift!

There are times that practical jokers like to gift tricks for laughs. We open their gifts and many times keep this toxic gift with unwanted responsibilities. These are Bad relationships. Broken friendships. They can really cripple you into not wanting to open another gift. Truth though, the gift doesn’t make you and best of all you don’t have to keep the gift. Exchange, return, or simply throw it away. It is also up to YOU to determine who you except gifts from. When life gives you gifts you don’t want, do NOT settle for them. Throw them back, make them better, and continue to BE Surprised for what life has next.

There is so much that life has to offer. Good and bad. We have to understand that gifts we open may not be of use to use now and may have a better meaning later. Open your gifts. Open your life again. Keep all the gifts you want, take care of those gifts. Clear out the gifts you don’t want making room for new ones. Don’t be afraid to OPEN LIFE! Maybe you haven’t been opening gifts lately for whatever reason. Are you happy? Are you questioning “what’s out there for me? What about me?” If you are then why not open some gifts and take the chance to be happy. All you have to lose is that moment. Then you have another chance to open another gift and so on. Try this, you might BE Surprised!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent





If I told you to click out of this website, could you? If I told you to say the words hello, could you? If you were told you would win 1million dollars just by texting the word money to me, could you? I think you could. If you couldn’t it’s because you didn’t want to and chose not to. I am glad you chose not to close out of this website. I have a message and maybe you need to hear it.

During the workshop, Momentum, our coach Melvin Miller held out his microphone to one of the students and said “try and take this microphone from me”. The student grabbed the microphone no problem. Melvin took the mic back and said “No TRY and take this mic from me”. Student laughs, we all laugh, Melvin smirks. You understand that we make a choice to do something or to not do something. Trying to quit a bad habit. HARD. Yet tangible. We just have to do it, but we fight with our minds! Striving to do something and not being successful at it does mean you only tried, but you did! You decide you’re going to jump from one side of a New York building to the next like they do in the movies. You don’t make it to the other side. You didn’t just try to jump to the other side. You did jump with the intensions of getting to the other side. We must make the goal to do. If we aren’t successful the first time, we do again. Do Do again! LOL!

This is important in the world. We shouldn’t “Try” or “Strive” to BE BEtter people. We should just BE BEtter people! Hold the door open for others. Say thank you. Please. Use kind words. Assist, help, love one another. Also BE BEtter to yourself. Don’t allow stress to take over your body, drink too much, smoke cigarettes, work out more, eat BEtter, sleep BEtter. Sometimes it will not be returned, the kindness/love etc, but that is nothing to be concerned about. I’m not saying be a door mat and allow people to disrespect you. But if you can BE BEtter and it’s not going to harm you in any way, just BE BEtter! Your actions will be seen and many will follow whether you BElieve that or not.


BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent



GIRL you need to leave him, he ain’t no good! Dude, you need to just be real with her and express your feelings. You’re wrong. You shouldn’t think that way. You shouldn’t do this. You shouldn’t say that. You’re dramatic. You’re difficult. You’re such a bitch. You are NOT keeping it REAL!

These are some examples of our “honesties” to other people. Truth is, we are most times not being honest from within and only telling people what we think they want to hear sending them into a spiral of mess. Fact is, many times we aren’t being real with one another and sugar coat advice and it turns into LIES.

In my opinion, we cannot BE Honest to others until we dig down deep and are honest with ourselves.

I just took a 4-day workshop called Momentum over this past weekend. It taught me a lot about myself. Things I kind of already knew but wasn’t ready to admit fully especially to myself. It’s hard to recognize yourself as being a difficult person. To say you are making to wrong decisions in your life. To admit that you are dramatic. To step up and say you have been playing victim to situations that you were totally responsible for. I was this guy. Even recently as I have been blogging inspiration. It’s easy to talk about what you have gone through in the past and how you “got over” and then find inspiration from it and share it with the world. Are you being honest about getting over it though? Have you found the answer within yourself to make sure you know how to avoid or handle the situation, should it arise again? Are you the REASON for most of your troubles, not admitting it, but quick to tell someone else that they are the reason for theirs?

In another way we are not honest is making people believe we already have our lives together. Lying basically. When we lie over and over about who we really are, WE ourselves start to believe who we have made ourselves up to be and do not realize we are holding ourselves captive. Prisoner to our flaws. An example would be telling someone you are single because no one is on your level or understands you and you’re just waiting for the right one to come along. Maybe you have told people that you used to be a model and had a lovely career until you decided that you wanted to change careers. It’s possible that you shared with a few friends that you are okay with not having close friends, you don’t need them because they are not trust worthy and you are better off by yourself.

The reality is you have allowed yourself to believe that relationships are difficult and not real when the truth is you may be difficult and are the cause that your past relationships didn’t work to your favor. Reality of your modeling career is, it was all local work and because you were turned down a few times you lost hope in your dreams and became something else now pretending to be over it. It’s YOU that have lost trust in friends and the truth is you don’t trust yourself and maybe you are not selecting your friends well, causing you to be LONELY AS HELL!

It’s easy to tell people what you think they should do and what is best for them. It is important to look inside yourself to find your own truth before sharing your “honesty” with someone else. If you are not honest with who you are and where you have been and where you would like to go, you will end up living in what you call comfort and what I have discovered to be LIES. BE Honest with yourself. 100 Percent. Once you are honest with yourself, you will learn you have nothing to PROVE to anyone else and will be able to BE Honest with others from an honest place. Think about it… Maybe you’re the one that is dramatic/difficult. Maybe it’s you that isn’t being real with her. Maybe you’re a bitch. Maybe you should leave him because he is no good for you. Look inside yourself and before you give your “honest” opinion to anyone, BE Honest to yourself. You don’t want to throw just any advice to someone from a dishonest place. Living by example would be the best advice right? That’s my HONEST opinion!

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



It is your life! It is your journey! It is your story! YOU are mistaken if you think it is only your lesson. To be clear it does start as YOUR lesson but life is to be shared, otherwise it serves NO PURPOSE. I mean seriously look at the history of the world. How often it has evolved and changed. How we deal with certain things in our life. Some of it is natural instinct but most of it was taught and learned through the years. What if it was all kept secret, (I mean truth is some of it is), but what if everything in life was kept a secret? I mean even little things that we don’t think about. Do you think the first person to ever cook a chicken knew how to do it properly? I’m pretty sure it took a few times to overcook it until they got it right and then they shared the proper way with others and boom. My keynote is deeper than chicken though! We all serve purpose! You will hear that a lot in my blogs. It’s 100% the reason for life! WE are meant to SHARE what WE LEARN in LIFE! Now, don’t get it twisted. I don’t think it is appropriate to tell the world what your next move is or plans for the future and how you will get there. That’s your business. YES, your past is your business too but the lesson from it is NOT JUST YOURS. Whatever you have been chosen to go through in life, GOOD or BAD, was intended to be shared. No one has all the answers in life and no one ever will. Because we are not born with all the answers we are used as guides and light for everyone to gain the answers they lack. I’m not saying that sharing your story with everyone is going to inspire or protect EVERYONE, but just like my blog, if one person who needed to see/hear it, gets the chance to see/hear it and gains something from it then my purpose (one of them, I like to believe I have many) is served!

It is also important to allow others to share their stories with you. I know Betty next door can talk a lot and sometimes she ain’t got shit to say, and many times her past stories of how she made it over probably have no relevance to you currently but you never know if one day it will! If not you maybe you will come across another person who will need to hear Betty’s story AND because you obtained the info from her story you can now relay it to the next person. You know a messenger, because this world is so big that not everyone will have a chance to cross each other’s path.

BE Open! Share your life’s past lessons with everyone who is willing to learn from them. BE Open, be willing to listen to others life lessons. You never know who you were meant to inspire. You never know what was meant to inspire you. Your life could be saved. You could save a life…. Besides if we kept our lives and the lessons in them to ourselves, what do we have to live for?

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



be straitstra

Passive aggressive, sugar coaters, and people who beat around the bush, irritate me! YES! I irritate myself sometimes. This keynote blog may be quite long because I am so passionate about it and have so many different scenarios. Bear with me or bookmark it and read it when you have time. JUST KIDDING! READ IT NOW!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone asks me where I would like to go eat or what I would like to do and when I answer it turns into; “well I’m not in the mood for such and such”. OKAY! Then why ask? When YOU ask ME where I would LIKE to go, I assume I can choose anywhere! BE Straight Forward and say what you mean. Where do you suggest we go, or something that says I have an option BUT NOT total CONTROL.

Did YOU know if you were angry at a person and told them you would kill them out of anger, even not really meaning it, you can have charges pressed against you and even serve jail time? ENOUGH SAID!

PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE people drive me CRAZY! I too can be passive aggressive, usually when someone is already on my nerves and I want to get my point across in an immature way, lol. But when you are upset or don’t want to do something, etc, it’s best to NOT say, “I GUESS if YOU want to go we can go”. NO! If you don’t want to go, BE Straight Forward and say so, otherwise, with me? YOUR GOING! You know these people right? They are the ones that hope you hear the tone in their voice that says they don’t want to go, yet, are trying to make it seem like for you they will, when secretly they hope you say “nah, if you don’t really want to go, then we don’t have to. TRY AGAIN!

I have been told recently that I take things too literal. Guess what people, there are all kinds of people in this world and many are LITERAL! Jokingly, etc, I understand I shouldn’t and can’t hang on to every word, but, if we are in a quarrel, debate, an argument, or a deep conversation and you don’t know how to use your words or you don’t think before speaking and come out the side of your mouth with nonsense, guess what? I get to take your words and interpret them into how I take them and now we are not only fighting about the original situation, now also the words you chose to use to come at me will be the next discussion on the agenda. BE Straight Forward, say what you mean! If you don’t know how to use your words to explain yourself, simply take some time before saying it.

I love YOU is different than, I love being AROUND you. I HATE you is very much different than I’m very upset at you right now. Your FAT is not the same as you’ve put on a few pounds. GO KILL YOURSELF is waaaaaaaaaaaay different than BYE Felicia! YOU get it!

Lastly, (but not really the last example because I could go on and on, but since you decided to read this NOW instead of bookmarking it, I will spare you some time), Don’t sugar coat! I mean yes, be kind with your words, but be straight forward with what you mean. Advice, suggestions, etc. If you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings say you have no opinion instead of sugar coating the truth, which is still considered a lie! Unless your lover is asking! You might want to consider having an opinion before you no longer have a lover! No Shade!

BE Straight Forward with the things you say, yet, BE Kind (past keynote). Not saying exactly what you mean could cause more confusion, hurt, anger, an unnecessary break up, end someone’s life or cause them to end yours! (OH MY)!

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent




It is absolutely disgusting how much WE have become a take take take people. So selfish. I say WE including myself. “You don’t love me because you don’t grab my hand”. “Come over here and love on me”. “If you do me a favor, I will….”.

Just about a year ago I remember sitting in the living room feeling sorry for myself. Feeling Lonely. Thinking to myself how I don’t have family here in New York, not many real friends physically here (most I’ve made through my aviation job, so they usually aren’t around when I am). I started to cry. The person I was dating at the time asked me. “What’s wrong”? Of course I cried harder and explained how I don’t get hugs. No One hugs me! No one ever invites me out. No one really even calls me. As I was talking my stomach was turning in grossness to hear myself. First of all Iwas throwing a pity party (past keynote explains how much I love those parties, BARF). It hit me really hard in the face. You want company? Invite them out. You want a phone convo? Call someone. You need a hug? Give a Hug. Make sure they know you and like you, otherwise be prepared to maybe be turned down and stared at crazy. Honestly though even when I have hugged strangers (usually when I’m intoxicated) 9 times out of 10 I get a hug back. It’s natural.

I know it doesn’t feel the greatest to always be the person who initiates things but I feel if we stay consistent with our initiation it will become a habit for others in our lives to want to start being the one who shows kind gestures to you, before you.

“I am not going to give her any of my candy because she never gives me any when she has it”! GROW UP! BE Giving and give genuinely and I guarantee it will start coming back to you. Maybe not from the person you are giving to but somehow it will be paid back. Remember to BE altruistic when giving (past keynote that means give without expecting something in return). Unless it’s a hug. Give hugs and pretty much you will be hugged back and if you are not hugged back, don’t worry he/she may just be bitter in life and it’s not your fault. Come see me I love to give hugs and I think I’m one of the best huggers.


Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent