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YOU ARE SO THIRSTY! You drink a whole bottle of water. Your thirst is quenched forever right? Stomach is growling, stomach pangs, you MUST EAT NOW! So you grab a 3 piece chicken meal from Popeyes and your full right? Never have to eat again! Your sexually frustrated, horny, in need of being touched, so walk over to your partner right now and tell them to take their finger and…..touch your shoulder. SUCCESS! WRONG!!!

SUCCESS:  The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Your aim was to drink, eat, be touched. You accomplished those goals. What happens when you get thirsty/hungry again? (let’s not concentrate on the horny right now, I am not affiliated with Porn Hub). Will you be able to say oh I’ve already had water before, I’ve experienced food, I’m good. You might be able to for a little while but eventually you will wither down to nothing and might even DIE! You don’t hear me!

ACCOMPLISH: Achieve or complete successfully.

Okay. So the word accomplish(ment) is used to define success. And the word Success(fully) is used in defining accomplish. So you can accomplish something and have success very true! However, to BE SuccessFUL you must continue to strive!

FULL: Containing or holding as much or as many as possible, having no empty space. Not lacking or omitting anything. COMPLETE!

You hold a degree (maybe you don’t but don’t feel bad, neither do I girl). You know every computer program that came out since the first Apple computer (I mean you never lost grandma while playing Oregon Trail) not possible you mastered even that program. You are even working in your field as we speak, you have job security, hell, you’re the CEO! It’s 2016, and yes we know tomorrow is not promised to you but what if you live until 2030, the world has constantly evolved and new programs have been set, many young and fresh intelligent creatures have obtained degrees and are ready to move you out of your little CEO position as you inch your way to retirement, but wait, retirement isn’t that close. What will you ever do?

You finally made it to Broadway! Success LOOK AT YOU B$#@%! YASSSS! (lol, I literally said all of this out loud, and LMMFAO!). You went to school for this! You study music, dance, acting, backstage, blah blah. You went to every audition, doors slammed, and opened. You once played a broom pusher in act two of “Dreamgirls” but finally you landed the LEAD ROLE OF MISS EFFIE WHITE (if you not a female or African American at that, just change this lead role to whatever your heart feels would equal success for you in this situation). You did it! You found success! But what happens when Musical theatre changes and the industry is looking for younger more fresh faces or your style is no longer the “thing” they are looking for? You never started a platform for young gifted children or opened a children’s theatre. You didn’t learn another language to be able to portray beyond the American characters you were used to playing. YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT A FEW PICTURES OF YOU AT A FEW CAST PARTY’s.  WHOMP WHOMP!

Should I go further? NO NEED! I know this post so far has stepped on a few toes, INCLUDING MINE! Listen, point is, being SUCCESSFUL is a continual thing as long as your alive. Change is constant in this world and there are always going to be new tricks and trades (this is what we gay people call whores (tricks) and men who pretend to be straight but mess with guys (Trade). Okay I’ll be serious. As long as your alive you should continue to better your life to be prepared for that CHANGE in the norm. GROW and LIVE and LOVE, and TEACH, and SHARE, and BE! BE SUCCESSFUL in EVERYTHING. Education, life, love, profession, talents, EVERYTHING! While you’re alive, STRIVE to BE all you can BE! The Best YOU can BE! Don’t wither away into nothing while your still here! Drink my friend! Eat my Friend! Go get that ORGASIM!


Believe, BE Free, BE Youtiful…BE

Keone Dent








BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP NAG NAG NAG NAG….SNOOZE! Big day ahead of you, maybe even a huge week. You put an outfit on and feel like Olive Oyl crept in last night and replaced your size clothes for her own size. You try on another outfit, the phone rings. BILLS, BILLS, BILLS, DUE! You hang up! Phone rings again. JOBLESS. About to lose your mind! You call your boyfriend/girlfriend and cry to them. Instead of, “it’s okay” you hear “it’s over”! Great now your single again! TODAY is a BAD DAY! Yup sure is! Because you just put it out there! Not only the universe (God) heard you, but you now believe it and will have no problem convincing everyone else who crosses your path that your day, maybe week, and if your super dramatic, your life is awful!

Did you forget you woke up this morning? Did you notice that YOU were able to reach over and hit snooze? You also could have hit the off button and just went back to sleep. You put on clothes, that was your choice. YOU answered the phone, you hung up, you called your lover, and YOU declared today to be a bad day! BUT YO ASS FORGOT YOU WOKE UP TODAY!

I’m being a little dramatic but all of this could happen in a day. IT COULD! It’s okay if it does! It all goes back to the saying; things happen for a reason! THEY DO! All in one day you realized, you needed to start that diet and healthy living right away, you were released from your dead end, entry level job and forced to change into another position/career. You were reminded before losing your job that you have bills that need your attention so that will get you out there pounding the pavement quickly for a paper replacement. Most importantly you learned that the man/woman you chose to love was no good anyway! Life is now going to change for you. You have been saying you need a change anyway right? And it’s all because you woke up!

I have what we would consider bad days. Trust me, I have even said it’s been a bad few years in the past. I learn though that optimism is very important. You know, that, do you see the glass half full or half empty? I used to answer this “it depends on if the liquid in the glass is being poured in or out”! SMART ASS!  I now realize that it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or empty. It matters that you have a glass and you got a little drank if you should need it. Same for life my friends. So what? A few bad things happened to you today, this week, all last year. It was just a bad moment in the day. Don’t take the positive away from the rest of day. I mean YOU DID WAKE UP, nothing bad about that. YOU still have LIFE, Nothing bad about that! Now! BE Optimistic and get out there and make your day GREAT!

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE

Keone Dent





TRANSLUCENT: Allowing light, but not detailed images to pass through; Semitransparent.


I know! Transparent is the word, but, translucent is how I got to this Keynote, just follow along J. DARK, CLOUDY, BLOCKED, VAGUE, DISHONEST! These are a few words that are the opposite of transparent. A bunch of negative words in my opinion. Those negative words have no place in a Keynote, however, translucent may stay for now. It is right in the middle and an important step in becoming transparent.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who is breathing currently has some issues they are dealing or not dealing with. Some are careless and allow their issues to overtake their lives by not doing anything about them. They are the ones that say this is who I am and there is no changing so accept it or move along. Then there are the people who are afraid of their issues. Afraid their issues will over power their lives and they will be haunted by others opinions. They try to hide their issues behind social media, material things, etc. but the fear is all over them and easily seen. A fear that is stopping them from being able to move past their issues and so close to joining the careless group.

Of course I have been in both of those groups in one way or another. Actually, for moments (short moments because I was created to get up and get over) I was a part of the careless group. MEAN! I didn’t want anyone to see my issues before I pointed theirs out. RUDE! When anyone gave me advice I just knew I already had the answers of life and didn’t need their opinions. SCARED! Couldn’t be who I was supposed to be because I wanted to appear perfect. I could go on. I won’t! I turned into this person because I was tired of being the outcast, different, don’t fit anywhere, kind of guy. I saw being this “hidden” person was working for some of my peers so why not for me. It worked for a little while! People started noticing me. It went along with my “BEing Confident”. I WAS FINALLY ME! So I thought. I still had the issues I didn’t want to deal with and now I’ve added more with being someone I wasn’t really.  Our issues will tell us we are nothing. They will tell us that it’s our fault and there is nothing we will ever be able to do to change them. ISSUES! I mean all kinds you can think of. Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, physical abuse, rape, molestation, racism, prejudices, failures, hate, lies, jealousy, accidents, I mean whatever you can imagine. The memories of the pain these issues cause will not go away. The brain holds so many memories, so much data. I’m not a scientist so don’t expect a chart and full explanation. YOU have a brain and YOU know how it works! What we need to do is build up where we are strong and again understand without those “issues” you have never been able to be the YOU that YOU are today.

I have always felt this inner passion to be ME! To show everyone who I was created to BE! WE all should because we were all made special and unique. I just didn’t know how to quite yet. I could just lay out all my issues on a table and point them out to everyone who passes by. I actually tried that. Well not on a table. I would just throw my business out there thinking I was helping someone with the inspiration, when in reality I wasn’t even inspired to change myself. The issues were now no longer just piled in my heart and swarming in my mind, other people had my business and now I was nude wearing only what I made myself up to be.

I learned very quick what it meant to be translucent! Remember the definition says allowing light but not detailed images to pass through. “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”! That song comes to mind. In my journey of finding myself and loving myself I learned that issues I faced and was still facing were my own and for a reason. The very thing that was allowing me to grow and BE exactly who I was supposed to BE! I found my strengths and focused on them. Built them up to be more strong than the issues that came into my life years ago and told me that they were all I would remember for the rest of my life. (I am trying not to go into details of my issues and it’s hard not to but I have so many other Keynotes that will exploit my business so I’m keeping this one a bit toned down). My light shines not only on the outside, (guiding the right people into my life), my light shines bright inside also allowing my past issues to not be so bad, compared to the blessings I’ve gotten from them. Once translucent (showing my light but not issues), now transitioning into TRANSPARENT!

TRANSPARENT: Allowing light to pass through so that objects can be distinctly seen.

I am now at a place where I feel I love who I am and see my potential of being a great ME!  I feel when you experience “issues” and have learned to deal with them and find other areas in your life to concentrate on being better that it’s only fair to share with the rest of the world. Inspire. Love, Accept, Share. I feel the only way we can do that is to BE Transparent. Not hiding too much of ourselves and that includes what you have been through in the past. Realizing we are all human and we share pain/issues. You show much growth when you can say, “yeah I have issues” “I’m dealing with them” and still being able to shine your brightest by celebrating the YOU that YOU found under all those issues!

We have to find our lights inside. The bright ones and those dull ones that we have been allowing to burn out because of our pasts! We must find our inner strengths and build on them. Make them strong. We must understand and realize our issues are a part of what makes our journeys our own and the end results of being the BE YOUtiful person we were created to be. Once we do this we can BE Transparent.


Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent




Physically, I’m pretty easy to live with. I don’t require a lot of space, I like to clean, I’m not a party animal (unless it’s someone else’s house party), and I don’t require a lot of attention. Well, if I’m dating you I do require much attention but I digress. I can blend and convert into anyone’s living situation, it’s the magic we flight attendants come with. However, when it comes to my dreams and goals, I invite everyone to join me but will not compromise.

I wrote this keynote as just a basic quote in my poem book back in 2001. Just like most of my work, the quote just nestled between pages of unshared poetry. In college, Kentucky State University, I was a contestant for the Mr. and Mrs. Freshman Pageant. We were asked to come up with an introduction during the opening number. I wrote one. A sassy look at me introduction. I mean I took my time and picked the words perfectly. When the opening for the pageant began and it was my turn to step up to the mic in the middle of the stage, I got nervous and forgot my introduction, but didn’t miss a beat; “Hello, I’m Keone Dent, It’s okay to dream dreams, but I live my dreams, so live with me or dream alone”. Not what I wrote for the pageant! When the words came out of my mouth, I remembered the moment I wrote it! What it meant to me. How I WAS NOT living by my quote.

FULFILLED: Being satisfied or happy of fully developing one’s ability or character

I am. No, I use to be that person that changed my plans or ideas because of someone else. Usually that someone else was someone I was dating. Missing out on many of my dreams and then later blaming them for it. Reality? It is our own fault if we miss opportunities because we hold those dreams and no one else. Unless someone locks you up in the basement, (and if that’s the case you have bigger problems then your dreams to worry about), YOU have the right and the responsibility to reach your dreams and goals.

Living your dreams doesn’t necessarily mean you are there, successful in all that you dream. It is that constant journey to fulfill ANY dream you have. You dream of owning a fur coat? LIVE and work extra hours til you can afford it. You dream of visiting a foreign country? Save 20 dollars every paycheck until you have enough (or become a flight attendant *Raises Hand*). You want to perform for millions on a stage? Go find the auditions, rehearse, put your all into it. BUT DO IT!!!!! For so long WE have made decisions based on others around us and for too many reasons. Your lover doesn’t want you to be gone all the time. Your lover thinks you’re spending too much money investing into a career not promised to you. Your lover thinks you are dreaming too much and need to come to reality. WELL, we are adults and can handle a few days away from each other, It’s my money that I work hard for, and it’s only a dream for now because you won’t allow me to make it a reality! These obviously were some of my personal setbacks but there are so many more. Take the time now to think. What is keeping you dreaming and not living? Now, whatever it is, yell to the top of your lungs, I live my dreams, so live with me, or dream alone. Then Run because they probably won’t like what you just said to them, or the fact you yelled. LOL

Be a go getter! Do what is best for you! Yes! having a partner, friends, family who support you, a good job, all of that is a part of feeling complete but until you work and strive to make your dreams come true you will never BE Fulfilled! Being fulfilled doesn’t mean you have it all or that you will even reach it all. Fulfilled is being satisfied or happy of fully developing one’s ability or character. By going for your dreams and believing you can reach a few or all of them will show YOU that YOU are able (that’s the ability) and by facing the journey and the let downs you will come across to get to your dreams will make you a stronger, determined, more seasoned individual (that’s the character). BE Fulfilled! LIVE!!! Allow others to join! If they chose to sit in a cloud of dreams, let them, don’t join them, allow them to dream alone!


Believe, BE free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



BE Kind

Everyone that comes across your path was meant to come across your path! You have heard that phrase “It’s a small world”. IT IS! It’s your world. Everything in it was supposed to be and that includes EVERYONE you meet.

You only have this one life and if you care anything about it, you try your best to take good care of it. You may not do all of the following but I’m sure there are a few things you relate to; you feed yourself to stay healthy, exercise, groom yourself by getting massages, nails done, hair styled. You paint (and in some cases BEAT) that face, you pay bills. If you have your own place, you clean it, you wash clothes, you bathe (wait you do bathe right?), you give yourself encouraging pep talks in every mirror you pass (oh, just I do that? Cool). Your KIND to your life. To keep it up, maintain happiness.

Family members are a part of your life, yes even the one messy cousin you have that can’t keep her mu fing mouth shut about anything. Pet’s you own, part of your life, doctors, lawyers, FLIGHT ATTENDANTS working your flight. They are all a part of your life and maybe not forever but for however long they are supposed to be in the storyline. You never know their purpose either. I want to concentrate on being kind to new people you meet. They aren’t always people you choose to be “a part” of your life, but the point is they are. And YOU don’t know why they come initially or where they will end up in your life. Take your FLIGHT ATTENDANT if you will, (or if you are a flight attendant, replace with your PASSENGER). Something, not great, happens while on the plane (God forbid) and you need to evacuate. YOU have no idea YOU would need that same person you were or were not kind to. Or imagine Snooty Jessica, (I don’t know anyone snooty with this name), but she isn’t the best towards you and you react in a negative way and one day you are blessed with that new job and SURPRISE that Hoe is now your new boss. Don’t forget the most important example. Fragile Shuntrese (I don’t even know a made up person by this name) is having an awful time in life and doesn’t know how to separate her feelings from the rest of the world that has nothing to do with her woes. She comes across you and you give her the same cold shoulder she gave you and you were the last straw and NOW she is giving up on life. I can come up with so many examples or even elaborate on these but I’m trying to keep my blog to the point, quick and easy to read. SOOOOO

I’ll you that I used to take my sarcasm and witty persona to the extreme. If someone hurt me I hurt them with my words and quick responses. I still sometimes slip back into this. I’m growing and healing just like you so JUDGE ME NOT! I Digress. I also notice that it became HABIT, my defense mechanism, to spit out unkindness before it was spit at me just because I felt it coming. This habit then takes over and you find that people still like your sarcasm and witty ways but FROM A DISTANCE and you FEEL ALONE. I still banter with those that can handle it and know who I am but for the most part I am kind to all and find that it is changing me for the better. I’m happier, things that I wanted and deserve are coming into my life, all around my life is feeling good! Don’t you DARE get me mixed up though if I have a reason to kindly put you in your place I WILL… This blog is not about teaching you to be a push over, but inspiring you to be a better YOU.

When you go through your daily routine and you past someone and give them a smile and they don’t smile back, SO WHAT, BE Kind anyway and let them have the free smile. If you Assist someone with something, IDK, like holding the door, they fail to say thank you, GET OVER IT, BE Kind anyway and wait for the universe/God to thank you later. To The Point, finally, after several paragraphs, BE Kind to your life and realize that EVERYONE in your life, big role or small, family member or stranger, Season or a lifetime, is a part of your life. BEING Kind to others is BEING Kind to YOURSELF!

Believe, BE Free, BEYOUtiful…BE

Keone Dent





This Keynote, also comes from a poem I wrote in the past called, “Midnight Rain”. Not really a deep poem, very childlike and simple, except for the quote “even with the protection of an umbrella, you can still be touched by the rain. At the end of this keynote I will share the poem with you.

Rain is falling and you have to get out in it to get somethings accomplished. You put on a rain coat, rain boots, and grab your big ol’ umbrella. Step out into the rain and your good for a few blocks. Then all of a sudden the wind blows and BAM the rain is in your face for a moment until you tilt your umbrella back to position to block the rain again. You didn’t die, the world didn’t end, your life still goes on. This COULD possibly happen again but just like you wiped the rain from your face and continued on in the journey of accomplishing your tasks, you can do it again and will have to do it again as long as you are out in the rain.

The world is filled with rain! So, in this picture used with the Keynote, I am not using my acting skills. I had a few things bottled up during a relationship I was in. I had been strong and trying to keep my sanity and show face, (not showing I was bothered). In order to keep myself from being exposed and show my hurt feelings, I ran off to the woods and just cried my eyes out. Everything that was bothering me just came gushing out. Even things that I thought I was over and done with. New things came to mind and the rain POURED even harder. The light rain then turned into a storm in my head and I was drowning in my emotion.

We can do all we want to protect our hearts and emotions from rain. Show ourselves to not care and to be “immune” to the B.S. Truth is, there is not a soul in this world who is truly “protected” from hurt. No one is exempt from the feeling of loneliness, rejection, lies, ridicule, PAIN! When you bottle it all up and hold it in, you give the storm a chance to brew and cause other destruction, rather than just a little rain. You can become bitter, jaded, malicious, vindictive, destructive and will hurt others not knowing it. I AM SO GUILTY OF THIS!!!!!

Let those emotions out sometimes. Feel the rain. Then wipe them off and re position your umbrella or take a DIFFERENT path all together. Meaning, whatever is causing that pain, let it go! BE Emotional, just don’t let your emotions take you too far away from the sunshine and rainbow that always comes at the end of all the rain.


Believe, Be Free, Be YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



Custom_Image (4)

Have you ever been to a job interview or an audition (in most of my cases), doubting yourself? “Knowing” that there is someone else going for the same position that will probably be more experienced, more qualified for the position. You go into the establishment and you see the other candidates. They don’t look like regular humans. They look like Celebrities, Models, dressed in their best, “look at me” outfit. When you speak to them they sound very confident and intimidating asking you questions that you were only prepared to answer to the interviewer. Now, your sweating, nervous, looking in the mirror wondering if you wore the best you have. Comparing yourself to all the others waiting calmly. You start questioning yourself even more and changing your answers you came up with just in case a question was asked. You start changing the arrangement of the song you chose to audition with. Finally, your called and during your audition and interview you can’t be yourself completely. You start saying things you think the interviewer wants to hear. You come up with corny jokes causing you to make the face of what the f*&% did I just say? And your face will show it especially if you are as animated as I am. Then you get home and think why wasn’t I just myself. Why didn’t I say this, do that? I’m NOT going to get it! Well, you just told the universe, in my opinion, God, that you are not worthy or good enough. There is power in that tongue and I’m not talking about sexual pleasure (stares blankly). You speak what you feel and it will be!

Instead, know what you are worth! Dress how you feel most represents your greatness, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you have a purpose and a place here on earth. Know that whatever YOU were created for is only for YOU and YOU were made to be great at it. Go to that interview, meet the other candidates. Matter of fact, YOU walk up to the candidates, introduce yourself and ask them how is their day going or how are they feeling. When they respond with how you are doing, reply, GREAT! Walk humbly, yet confidently into the interview room. BE Nervous, it’s a part of being great, but be yourself. Offer who you are, let them see your greatness! KNOW that if this is meant for you, it will be for you!

Now, don’t get my words all twisted. Being the Greatest doesn’t mean your better than anyone else. However, it means you are great, no, the greatest at being you because face it no one is YOU! HELLO DOCTOR (head snap, eye blinks)! When you come to understand that you are not the BEST for everything but know you are the GREATEST for what YOU have been placed here for, EVERYONE else around you will believe the same. You will bleed greatness!

So, Next time you go to your audition for the part of Cinderella, even having total confidence during the audition and know in your heart that you were made for this role, yet you get the call back offering you the role of the evil Step Sister, know you were chosen for what fits you, a role YOU were chosen for because only YOU could fulfill it! You go to the interview for secretary, have the confidence that you are the greatest for the position, offer all of you and show you are made for the position. If or when you get the call saying they chose someone else for the position, chill homie! Maybe you were made to have your own business and hire your own secretary!

No longer worry about being better than anyone else. Don’t compare yourself, don’t questioning yourself, STOP DOUBTING your worth! Just BE GREAT! Knowing you are the greatest YOU, that anyone else can be!

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



Are you a top or a bottom? Do you consider yourself masculine or feminine, dominant or submissive? ARE YOU THE BIG SPOON or THE LITTLE SPOON? These are questions that are asked in the beginning of most gay relationships and maybe in heterosexual ones too, but that’s not my business. For BE Self-Sufficient, I will be concentrating on the spoons, yet explaining why we should worry more about being “forks”!

Please take a look at the following YouTube video!

Notice that a spoon holds whatever you decide to scoop onto it and it stays when held still. As soon as you begin to shake the spoon, whatever “solid” is being held in the spoon becomes unstable and falls to the ground. The fork however stabs into the “solid” item, and holds on tight to it. In relationships when we are most concerned with the “spooning” and other physical emotions, we end up being held on to loosely by how we physically make someone feel, or we hold to what we physically want and become attached to it forgetting about what we need mentally, losing all stability. In many relationships, gay and straight, we tend to rely on what we can physically get, or what we can physically provide. Good sex, gifts, touching just to feel a touch, kissing like we are in the only scene of a love movie. We don’t gain a solid relationship this way. Instead we get attached to those physical traits and then when the relationship gets rocky it’s easy to move along to someone else who has those physical things yet placing you in the same cycle. If we become more Self-Sufficient, being able to provide and love ourselves we would know exactly what to look for in a relationship and learn at working to keep them through rough times!

Okay I was trying not to include a personal story to this Keynote but, I’m what? LIBRA and what does that mean? You get a piece of me. In many of my past relationships, I was guilty for holding on to them for the physical feel. Having something that is like your best friend around them all the time, starting to just blend into their norm, losing my own routine. Cuddling because you want that feeling of love. Occasionally having sex with them of course, I mean you are there for that too. In all of these relationships, as most in the beginning, feels so good and like the ‘Real” thing and as soon as it become rocky because you already knew in the beginning that it wasn’t what you needed, you have missed the time to have what you needed and know you deserve and instead you hold on to the feeling and playing pretend/make believe while “Spooning”. I used the word you in that personal past experience but you still get it’s my story and I’m not telling you about your similar dating life style. Now, I’ve gone back to being Self-Sufficient and being there for myself, loving myself and sometimes even touching myself (whatever you care to imagine. Carrying this Self-Sufficient, self-love into new relationships, (I do speak of friendships too), I am able to determine if this person is capable of loving me and caring for me as I do for myself. If not, I’m good by myself and I’ll continue to BE Self-Sufficient! A FORK. As I was typing this blog, about an hour ago, I came up with an acronym, FORK, Finding Our Real Keepers. That’s the journey I’m on, only finding those that are real enough to keep.

So as we all enjoy a good “spoon” I welcome you to joining me in learning to “FORK” Finding Our Real Keepers, all while striving to BE Self-Sufficient!

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent