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BE Persistant

Many doors are closed in our faces every day. Well, for most of us, and if your one who never faces failure or hasn’t dealt with rejection, then your perfect and I would like you to create a blog that teaches us all how to be just as perfect as you are! BORING! I believe that failure and closed doors are reasons to continue to keep going. I believe rejection is a guide from God, or The Universe if you prefer, to place us where we are truly supposed to be within our purpose or simply make us stronger in whatever passion that has been given to us.

This Keynote is simple! Imagine the world stops! No more money system, no farmers, no one is building anything anymore. All warehouses and factories have shutdown. No more fashion designers, doctor offices exist no more, crusty toes and ashy ankles because there are no more salons and lotion is no longer being produced. Everything in the world has stopped except for you. You’re still trying to be all you can be but with no resources. Silly right? How? Why? The world is still moving and growing. There are still things to be done and positions in life to be filled. You’re here! You’re here for reason. Let’s understand that if you don’t discover “it”, someone in the world will. If you don’t produce it, someone in the world will. If you don’t make them laugh, someone will, if you don’t inspire them, I will, lol (no really). IF YOU DON’T THE WORLD STILL WILL.

Let me go further into the doors closing. You’re a solicitor, knocking door to door. The first door you knock on answers and says, no thanks. The second door Curses you out and makes you feel small (don’t worry just keep my first keynote in mind “Pretend to be Confident, until it becomes a habit”). The third door doesn’t answer but you see the shadow of their eye in the peep hole. Three different doors and so far no one has bought anything. You now try the fourth door and they buy up the rest of your product and want more. Same thing with opportunity in life. Three doors may close in your face, but that 4th door could be your dreams coming true or spark even a new passion or talent that you would have never discovered had the first door accepted you.

Okay, this keynote isn’t all that deep and it doesn’t take dissecting word for word to understand it. It is real though. I believe we all should be reminded that we are here for a reason. We must know that if we don’t do what we are meant to do on earth that someone else will be chosen in our place. So BE Determined, while the world is still going…. YOU keep going to…. What do you have to lose?


Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE

Keone Dent




be present title

This Keynote is very touchy for me. I don’t like saying goodbye! It is However, a word that we all will say, or at least feel. I would like to share a personal experience, again, to get this keynote across.

I won’t bore you with the whole story so let’s jump past the part where I couldn’t find who I was, left Jacksonville, N.C for a girl in Milwaukee, WI; when that didn’t work out I moved to Florida, after my Grannies invitation. Stayed with her and my grandfather for a while until they found a place for me to rent right around the corner from their house. Caught up? Good!

My Granny owned a golf cart that looked like a mini monster truck, big wheels and all! Every single morning that she knew I was off from work, as if I didn’t have a life on my off days, she would swing by on that golf cart knock on my door just to say hello. I guess I didn’t have too much of a life on days off because I was always there to answer the door. Later, seeing that I was sometimes annoyed by her surprise pop ups she would call me first and say would you like to meet me at the pool today around noon? At the time of this phone call it’s 7am. I say sure, while planning to sleep a bit longer because I was out late the night before. Twenties minutes after hanging up the phone I hear knocking on my bedroom window. When I pull back the curtains I find a bright blue eyes and a big smile followed by “Hello I’ve been knocking on your door for a while now”. REALLY? What happened to NOON? Swimsuit on at the pool, fast asleep in the lawn chair, while granny sits and stares at me, smiling. A few more visits, sometimes bringing me leftovers from last night’s dinner, dessert, a gift, whatever, but always, “just stopping by to say hello”. Granny Took every moment available to her, to say hello to me!

Another long part of the story, let’s speed through it!

I left to find myself again, ended up getting lost in Frankfort, Kentucky where I attended Kentucky State University. Two years past and Granny is in the hospital with congested heart failure. She had many heart attacks in her life and this congested heart failure was a normal routine for her heart. A few scares and a pace maker later she is home resting and I am making a decision to not return to college, not even to gather all my clothes and shoes I left in the dorm, in order to stay close to her and take care of the woman who would give up everything to take care of her loved ones.

Fast forward to 2008. Granny is sick! Very Ill. She has made the decision to be taken off of her medicine and to slowly leave this world. She has decided to do it in the big open house my mother and I shared at this time, in a comfortable hospital bed she purchased online. Family all around from out of state. I am embarrassed to share this part as tears fall down my face. I didn’t stay home often during this final week. I didn’t want to see my granny like this. I didn’t take time to say HELLO to her everyday as she did me for many years. One night I went over to the house and sat next to her home hospital bed and held her hand. She hadn’t been too responsive to anyone so I didn’t say much to her in knowing she would speak back. I then finally said “Granny, I spoke to God” (which I did). She slowly turned her head to me and weakly replied “and what did he have to say”? I told her that he said she didn’t have to hold on for my mother and I anymore (granny took good care of my mother and I for all we had been through and never could get our shit together on our own), “You can let go, we will be ok Granny” I said. She didn’t say anything else except for letting out our comforting love noise we made (and you probably will make the wrong sound by just reading it) Emhmm, Emhmm. I snuggled my nose into her neck and made the noise with her. Emhmm Emhmm. I left. And for the next two days I never went back to say HELLO, and in two days she passed away. I should have said hello every day I could and now the pain of being forced to say Goodbye haunts me even to this day.

My friends Say hello! Say hello every chance you get. To loved ones, to friends, to strangers even. BE PRESENT in everyone lives as much as you can. You never know when you will have to say Goodbye!


Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent




The Definition of Altruism is: The belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.

My break down of this word is; All True in Sincere Matters!

It definitely feels great to receive rewards and gratitude in the form of gifts/money but in many situations we should approach helping others from the kindness of our hearts without expecting anything in return. Today’s keynote relies mostly on an experience of mine. Here is the story.

About a year and a half ago I laid over in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Palace Station. A decent hotel, but compared to the other hotels on the strip, this one hosted not only flight attendants on short layovers but also prostitutes, pimps, gigolos, and broke folks who couldn’t wait just a few more months of saving up money for their Vegas trip, in order to stay in a better, more memorable hotel. If you can imagine this huge lit up hotel on Sahara Ave. across the street from the old Vegas strip, divided by a super busy highway. Not a highway you can just walk across and no bridge to get you across it. Besides its summer and lots of humidity and you already are dealing with “man”apause and don’t feel like getting dressed up just to appear like you have decided to take a dip in the pool fully dressed! So instead you decide to stay in the hotel area and walk around looking like you are enjoying your short 12 hour layover at which 8 of those hours SHOULD be designated to resting before the next flight in the morning.

I’m drinking wine, RED MALBEC (yum), and about 3 big glasses in, when I decided to take a walk around the entire out skirt of the Palace Station. Sipping my fourth glass of wine, feeling myself at this point, waving to people who weren’t there and forgetting to say hi back to people who actually were there and took time to say hi to me. I get to the opposite side of the hotel from where I was originally posted up, being very nosy of the people walking in and out of the hotel and asking myself, are they prostitutes, Pimps, or just BROKE!  I come up behind an older gentleman. Black, in his late fifties maybe, BIG guy. He was not walking very straight (I don’t mean he was walking gay). He was slightly stumbling, and I assumed he was drunk. To our left was the building lined with spikey bushes, to the right, the parking lot and main drive way to the hotel. I didn’t feel comfortable passing him by and going about my business as I normally would. I stayed behind him. Tipsy myself, I was still able to focus and went into Hero mentality. I like to think I’m storm from Xmen, mostly because of the color changes in my eyes. The man then dramatically stumbles to the left and starts to fall to the right! I dropped my wine (DAMMIT) and ran to the right side of him with my hands held out and caught him. Well, actually I fell with him and was his cushion. I got him up and asked him if he was okay, found out he was staying in our hotel and asked if I could help him back to his room. He was very grateful and took my arm and allowed me to lead him to the hotel main entrance. As we were walking I noticed another man, one I remembered seeing just standing around the hotel and thinking to myself, he isn’t a pimp, could be broke, but definitely on drugs. Black, tall, very skinny, hard face. He approached the man on the opposite arm I was holding onto. “I saw your fall sir” he said, and asked if we needed help getting him to his room. The old man said sure, I said nothing. Speeding up the story, we get to his hotel room and open the old man’s door. The old man starts crying and thanks us for helping him to his room along with explaining that he was a successful lawyer and recently had to put his wife in a nursing home, Hospice, and was trying to clear away the idea of losing her. I hugged him told him to get sleep. As I walked around the corner from his room I decided to stand there for a minute. Glad I did! I hear the other man say sir I’m trying to get home and need some money. “For HELPING you into your room can you help a BROTHER out”? The man explains he doesn’t have cash and says sorry. The man proceeds to say we can go to the atm. “It’s only fair you help me since I helped you and didn’t leave you in the street. I ran back around the corner, Like Cruella Deville, I mean PISSED! I told him exactly what I want to pass on to YOU, the reader of this blog!

When you do something for someone, do if from your heart and DO NOT expect anything from return from that person! Just because your reward didn’t come in the form of money or a reward from the person in need doesn’t mean you WON’t be REWARDED…. God has seen what you have done and if you don’t believe in him KARMA as taken note! YOU will be rewarded in due time. So do good deeds people! Don’t BE GREEDY! BE ALTRUISTIC!


Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



be emp


     This keynote is somewhat poetic isn’t it. It’s because it comes from one of my poems that I will be sharing at the end of this post, (click Play at the bottom). So do keep that in mind and do not test this out by starting a fire and throwing your ex boyfriends/girlfriends in it and then comparing their scars. YOU WILL GO to prison! Let’s look at the physical terms and levels of actual “burns”/scars.

FIRST DEGREE BURN: Affects the outermost layer of skin. Minimal Skin Damage, some pain, redness, minor inflammation. Heals within three to six days.

SECOND DEGREE BURN: Extends beyond the top layer of skin. Blisters form with extreme redness.  Takes up to three weeks to heal.

THIRD DEGREE BURN: Extends through all layers of skin. Can even reach the bloodstream, organs, and bones. CAN CAUSE DEATH! (Side note, I was not prepared to see the picture of this type of burn, GEESH!)


Now, these different levels of burns DO NOT depend on the type of fire. A small fire can cause a third degree burn! You see where I’m going? Different situations affect different types of people. Two individuals could lose their mother to death, (I just teared up, this would be a third degree burn for me!). One person could be content with the loss of a woman they had no relationship with, while the other, let’s say me, would put on her used night gown, curl up on her bed, and never want to move again. Two persons can lose a cat. The one who thinks this was just a pet, could just buy or adopt another cat, while myself, who considers my cat as my child, would cuddle up with her favorite toy while lying in her litter box and never want to move, (guys I’m kidding about the litter part). I used to live by the proverb, “there’s no point crying over spilt milk”, interpreted, you should not be upset over something that cannot be undone. I can’t say I agree with that anymore. I am guilty of hearing someone talk about how their father didn’t accept them and doesn’t keep in contact with them, etc, and thinking, yeah okay, I get it but so what, mine isn’t here anymore and that’s his loss. Yet, when I tell the story of how one of my old friends, who is very successful in the music industry, hasn’t accepted my friend request on Facebook, (and I am very sad about it), they give me side eyed squint and pursed lips and say boy it’s only Facebook. Two same fires of not being accepted, different scars of emotion.

So the next time you see that girl crying over her last tube of red lipstick because it broke as she was applying it to her lips, don’t judge her emotion behind it just because it wouldn’t bother you. Think to yourself she could be a newly hired Flight Attendant, who is required to wear red lipstick and spent her last dime on a good one and now it’s broken. Okay, silly example but you get it…. BE EMPATHETIC to one another. Burns hurt whether 1st degree or 3rd degree. Though you can see how big or small the fire is in a person’s situation, you will never feel what that fire took from them and what scars they have left behind.

Believe, BE free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



ZomboDroid15012016044040   PhotoGrid_1452890342027


This keynote speaks for itself, but just in case you don’t understand, allow me to explain, (you have no choice really, I’m a Libra)!

I am very inquisitive! I ask a lot of questions. Especially when dealing with someone in a new relationship. However, I am learning in some situations asking questions is for the birds and many times you just have to open your eyes and get the answers by being observant.

When you ask questions, beginning with the first question, many catch on to the point you are getting to. Especially if you ask specific questions as I do. What are your intentions with me? How many times have you done this? That? Do you have goals that you are working towards? DO YOU HOOK UP OFTEN (yes I mean sexually)? When you start asking 21 questions and appear as if you’re looking for truth from someone who is maybe not use to your truth finding, they WILL catch on and tell you what you want to hear. Continue to ask questions, yet take their answers as just words and then OPEN YOUR EYES, WAIT, and WATCH! Truth always comes out in actions. I tend to ask a question over and over and in different ways to give a person a chance to just say what it truly is. Then I sit back and watch and EVERYTIME I get the real answer I’m looking for, well not looking for, but need to know. I’ve learned WE as humans can talk too much and don’t rely on what we see but what we want to hear.

So I really encourage you to ask questions and be inquisitive, but then relax and let the truth come out of the darkness and into the light…..AND if that still doesn’t have you at ease, then your intuition as spoken for you, let that shit go!


Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!


Keone Dent





1 BE Confident


This was one of the first quotes I had ever written. I was 16 years old and deep into writing poetry. This quote stayed written on one of the pages in my poetry book and was never shared until I co directed Western Oklahoma State College’s musical production “Spamalot” and wrote it on all the cast members thank you cards. Now, it’s the first “keynote” that I’m sharing with you on Keone’s BE Spot!

Habits are formed every day. Well actually science would have it that they are formed in 21 days. Ask my opinion, it only takes one bag of salt and vinegar chips on a Tuesday that makes me want have another on Wednesday and yup, you got it, I’m having a bag on Thursday while posting #TBT on Instagram. If Bad habits can be picked up, isn’t it only fair to conclude that so can good ones…ANNNNNNNND habits are not prejudice. They don’t have to only be physical, they CAN be mental. I believe we are who we are because we practice being who we want to be, or give in to what others or society tells us we are. If my belief is in fact true, then you can pretend BE CONFIDENT until one day your walking out the house, with your head held high, like the super overweight chick/dude in their best spandex shorts that they bought at forever21 on sale for $9.99. I’m not talking bad about him/her, I congratulate them for having the confidence to be and dress how they choose to. Whether it looks good or not? I leave those critiques up to the fashion world.

When I was growing up I was sociable, trust me you couldn’t get me to shut up, ask my mother, or anyone who came across me. When I started getting old enough to realize my own individuality and started comparing myself to others, I became a bit insecure. I didn’t have a normal life. In fact, I had so much help from the world, “feeling out of the norm”. I was biracial during the 80’s when it wasn’t really accepted, (we lived mostly in the south), my father was in the Marine Corps, which caused us to live in many places in only a few years span so I was always the “new Kid” that no one cared to know because remember, I was biracial. My father would try to mold me into who he expected me to be. Had he had his way I would have been a Marine yelling out OORAH in my deepest voice during the time of don’t ask don’t tell, and bitch I didn’t have to tell, EVERYONE ASSUMED! Nope I wasn’t the G word, NOT YET!….So I didn’t know where I fit in. Black, White, Gay, Straight, whatever! I was so different and I believe my parents were afraid that I was too different that they put me in a private Christian school… OH Hell! Add to my insecurities please! Now I was a new kid yet again and this time in a Baptist school, where they taught that interracial dating was not acceptable and that if you didn’t play basketball as a boy or volleyball as a girl you were going straight to HELL! Okay not that extreme but I’m trying to paint a picture for you. So finally my parents put me back into public school and I’m 16 in high school and I wrote in my poetry book, “Pretend to be Confident, until it becomes a habit! It’s what I had been doing since I realized my insecurities. I would laugh with people when they made fun of me and pretend it didn’t bother me, I would make jokes even about myself. I would walk past huge crowds of kids hold my breath and pretend there was music playing and walk to the rhythm like I was in a fashion show with my head held high, I the Model, they the buyers of the clothes I wore. I would pretend to not be nervous when I auditioned for talent shows and musicals. I even pretended to like girls. All of this pretending eventually lead to people seeing a person who wasn’t worried about what others thought. They began to see my talent, I started placing in a talent show or getting the lead roles in musicals. People were so interested in knowing who I was and how I could be so different and okay with it. I started getting girlfriends (Sorry to the ladies I dated, I wasn’t gay then but it was on its way, HAAAAAAAAAAAy! Lol). Now? You can’t do a thing to break me down and cause me to be insecure. It’s not a habit inside of me anymore!

I encourage you all who are feeling insecure, PRETEND! Don’t show your insecurities!  Work on who you are to be that confident, beautiful individual that only YOU can be. Make everyone accept who you are by not giving them a reason to doubt you because you are doubting yourself. Day by day! One bag chips at a time! PRETEND!!!!! And make it a habit to BE CONFIDENT!

Believe, BE Free,BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent