Upcoming Projects/Events


It is time for my annual BE Clean project!!!. This project brings hygienic products to those in need on the streets and in shelters. This year I am blessed to be able to include more products and keep them consistently the same product in each bag. To include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, toothpaste and tooth brush, mouth wash, tissues, socks!!!! and then each bag has a separate special item (as I didn’t have many matching special items). I was also able to find small travel size beauty bags and I had 8 clutches that I don’t use anymore and will be using those to host all the products. To get to the point, I currently have made 27 bags and ran out of tooth paste and toothbrushes. As you stay in hotels it’s free to obtain these products from the front desk, if you will and then let me know how I can pick them up from you! All help is welcomed and doesn’t need to only be limited to tooth brushes and paste. Please help me in any way you can to “clean” the streets! 😘😘