Valued: Important, Beneficial, cherished!

Money comes to mind when we hear value. Or something worth a good amount of money. Or something that simply holds a place close to heart, those things that money can’t buy. 

Well money can buy a lot of things! Not saying happiness but it can sure get you close! So when we think of money we think important, beneficial, cherished. 

A dollar can’t get you too many things these days but saved up with other dollars if can quickly get you closer to your wants and needs. 

Did you know a dollar that is ripped still spends? Did you know if a dollar was ripped in half and half of it was lost that the bigger half can be replaced and still worth a dollar????

Well now you know!

Now you should apply this to your life! Just because you have been torn or broken or hurt or denied or beat up or told no or ridiculed or went through whatever put you in a feeling of not being worth it or good enough doesn’t mean that you are not still great and actually worth life! Your talents are still your talents and are magnificent because they are yours. Your life still holds purpose and you are still needed and wanted in this world! So go on! Push through! Show your worth, BE Valued for the wonderfully made creature that you are! Because you are, Important, Beneficial, and Cherished!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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