I can BE moody. One day one way the next day another. Hell in one day I can BE many things. I get to BE! 

From Jealous, to angry, Sad, Frustrated, mysterious. Those are some of the negative ways. I do my best not to stay in those ways of BEing but as I’m authentic I cant say the feelings don’t come up. I just make sure that I take the time to have the feelings and then shift into the positive ways of BEing. 

No matter what I am ME! Keone. And that’s what i want to BE known for, BEing ME!

Matter of fact at my funeral it’s quite alright if the speech was. He WAS Keone! The end! Sums up that I just was everything ME! 

Don’t BE Unashamed to BE you! You do not need permission! You do not have to apologize! You can BE a singer, actor, writer, business owner, a prostitute, a bum, anything! You get to BE whatever emotion or way of BEing you care to Be (just know that you get to BE Responsible for your actions when BEing the negative ways). You just Get to BE! Whatever that BE is and at any moment!!!! I encourage you to BE with me. BE Everything you want to BE! Just don’t BE Nothing, that’s boring!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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