Pause! There is such thing as stepping on people to get ahead in life. Using folks because of their status is disgusting and will always come back to bite you. Keep in mind!

I have a lot of friends in the public industry. From actors, to singers, politicians, you name it. Even some celebrities. I myself am an actor who has done pretty well, though not a celebrity. At some point my career began to slow up and I started to get comfortable in other areas of life and became lost and brand new when it came to really seeking out my dreams. I never really wanted to ask for help because I didn’t want handouts, become one of those people who use my friends statuses to grow my own or step on anyone. Instead let’s just watch all of my friends live and get what they deserve while I day dream in the clouds and have nightmares through the night. 

I was recently talking to a friend on a flight I was working. Yes the same friend from the last keynote. He was talking about wanting to become an actor and not knowing how to start, where to begin. Out flew my mouth, ask for support, find friends and surround yourself with people who are doing the exact thing you are interested in. Followed by, “and know that it is not stepping on anyone, it’s stepping with them”! It was then I heard my own advice. In life we achieve goals and create ideas and then share them! It’s only a handout if you don’t do anything to get there yourself otherwise it’s asking for support. We get to BE Supported. In return we get to BE Supportive and it’s a cycle that can go in and in and will change the greedy world we live in. And I get it, the world is huge and not everyone will follow this pattern but remember your world is everyone you come in contact with, so why not keep YOU’RE world beautiful and successful and BE Supported/Supportive. Walk beside each other, it’s so much easier than walking alone! 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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