There is another keynote that is similar in saying that no one cares for a know it all especially when they don’t know it all and trust me if you are a real human being, YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING! 

However there are so many different people in the world that are knowledgeable in areas others are not and many of them have written books, created projects, shared ideas in seminars etc. knowledge is accessible to you in many different forms and we should take advantage and learn as much as we possibly can. You have to BE Open to learning and can’t approach everything with the notion that you already know it all. 

Most importantly there are many things that you may not know about yourself. Things that are holding you back from going for your dreams, keeping you resenting someone and not BEing Forgiving. Things from your past that you have blocked out from the forefront of your mind but is still rooted deep in your heart and triggers you from time to time but you don’t even realize what is truly triggering you, all you know is you are annoyed. There are reasons relationships are not working for you. A reason for all the whys and how’s that you just can’t put your finger on. It’s important to find out what those things are. Self awareness programs and workshops are a great place to start (example would be Momentum Education). Maybe seeing a therapist or even just talking to the people who have “wronged” you or talking to a friend or love one about things that have you bound. By talking out loud and sometime writing emotions and feeling out in say a journal or doing the processes or activities within a workshop can help to shed some light on what may or may not be holding you back. 

Hey Power is not something that just is. You create and stand in your power. The only way you can truly BE powerful is to know the things you do not know and continue to learn more. To BE Powerful is to BE Able to say you don’t have all the answers but willing to research. To BE Powerful means that you are aware with not having your shit completely together but knowing how to hold it together and that’s whether you hold it together in your own or really step Into true power and realizing you cannot do all alone and leaning in on support. Just Start opening up to learning from others and realizing that you may know a lot of things in life but you will not know everything in one life time and to realize this and to BE Understanding of this is to BE Powerful! There’s nothing more weak than a person who talks about knowing it all and turns up with all the wrong answers. Is that you? 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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