I used to be so sheltered. Grew up in a Pentecostal church, only child, and scared of the unknown. I didn’t even lose my virginity until the age of 21 (well I did other things but 🤫). I never really fully immersed into my acting/career because of the fear of not knowing if i would have another contract when one ended, investing money into my life while trying to pay to survive life. I admired people who could. Saw many become successful around me because they lived without that fear. 

I also used to live my life worries about what people thought of me. Always feeling judged and like I stood out too much. I had a light that always shunned but if I got too much attention I would dim it down a bit. People loved me and wanted to be around me but i would make it awkward and end up being a loner at most times. 

Always the guy that thought why not me? 

When i let go of the control that was once holding me back. Taking more risks and BEing spontaneous is when I landed a dream role in my acting career that instantly gave me my equity card and shifted me from inspiring actor to actor. When i stopped caring about what people thought of me and started just BEing myself in every situation is when I actually was seen and felt seen not in the bad stand out kind of way but the way that inspired people in return inspiring me. I easily found another dream job, my current job as flight attendant and have been recognized as a brand ambassador on social media (these are projects that as of now I haven’t shared, but soon will! But I feel like I am truly living and all because I’m not afraid to BE Myself and just authentically and loudly BE!

Until I just now had a conversation with a friend/coworker working a flight to Dallas. He was talking about how he was switching bases and how he recently left a long long long time relationship and was going to chase all the things he once put aside. As I began to “coach” him I started hearing the words I was saying and realizing I was him before we decided to take control of his journey. Living a comfortable life and giving up slowly all of the dreams and aspirations I once had.

I have in many ways become comfortable in the life I live. Not taking too many risks. Settling. And in reality NOT Living! In our conversation I used this quote that just came to my heart, “if you are not uncomfortable in life at times, you aren’t really living”. It hit me! I’m not truly living. Sure I’m making it through life and having some experiences along the way but there are so many things I haven’t accomplished or “given up” on. Towards the end of the conversation I said it’s important to just BE Outrageous. My God that’s it! Stop living so calculated and comfortably yet responsible and take risks and BE Outrageous. Don’t BE Afraid or what the change will be and if it will actually work out or not but just jump and make it happen. Stop worrying about what someone thinks and live outrageously! Whatever that means. Take sexy pictures and celebrate your body, speak your mind and stand up for what you believe in. Confidently go for the jobs and projects you’ve always wanted and know you deserve. Move out of country, or within the country. Try new foods, jump out of planes, visit new places, open up sexually and try new shit, GO and DO and LIVE! Outrageous things happen to outrageous people, so go and don’t BE Afraid to BE Outrageous, or remain basic and keep snubbing your nose up at outrageous people. Yeah cause that’s really living. Ha!

BElieve, BE Free, BEYOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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