I was sitting in a restaurant of a hotel in NYC with my friend Ryian (guess I’ll have to pay her for mentioning her name, hmmm .50 cent? Sounds right lol. She is a really good friend who is also a flight attendant and so she reached out to hang out with me during her layover. We are pretty close. So imagine the conversations we have. Well I remember I was talking about one of the guys I had been dating and how he is (enter a bunch of complaints here) and as I was complaining I could hear myself and it was starting to irritate me that i was complaining about someone I was only dating. I only knew him for a minute and only a few dates. I stopped complaining and said, “you know what it’s not even that serious” my friend Ryian who is like me a good snap back says without a beat “if it’s not that serious then why are you being so serious”.

I’m going to claim this keynote and told her i was but technically it’s a “Nichols for your thought”. I cant wait to call her and tell her I just came up with this for her! Her last name is Nichols. Wow! Anyway.

She was right. I now apply this quote to every little battle that comes my way. If it’s not that serious then I dont need to fight the fight or get all over worked or uptight. Let people have the last word sometimes, don’t let little issues get you bent out of shape. You have the power to allow it all to roll off your back, you give your power away when you let little things bend you out of shape. The big things that are serious you get to approach and clear away. BE Elevated and rise above the bullshit that is not for you. Let go of minuet things and BE Elevated. BE Elevated above the men and the women that don’t own the title in your life as your opposite. Let stress be their home as you continue to BE Elevated in your mansion of freedom! Or, move in with them. What other choice is there? 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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