Man! If anyone knows about living for free in his head it’s ME! Quite frankly it has helped in some situations but held me back in others. 

Self doubt is a disease that many of us suffer. And self doubt lives inside your head! So why stay up there getting all diseased? Lol

Have you ever had the feeling that you wanted to do something, decided you can do and we’re ready to do it but then you talked yourself out of it? Then you just ended up where you began and the thing you wanted to do back to an idea. What if you would have just jumped into whatever it is you had passion for in that moment with out the conversation with the doubt in your head? Where would you be now? 

Self doubt comes from fear! Fear of failing, being rejected, made fun of, or not heard all together. What we create in our head projects out of us and into others and then they have that same thought of us. We may have a great idea but no one listens because we get all nerdy inside of our selves and don’t believe in our own ideas after the back and forth with ourselves leading to others not having confidence in our ideas and then it becoming someone else idea who just jumped in and boom you’re back in your head saying, damn if I only would have then I WOULD HAVE! Well you didn’t and now you get to just sit inside your head going nowhere. Keone! 

Let go of doubt and fear. Be Courageous and have faith that your heart will not fail you. Know that you are strong enough to pick back up should things not go the way you thought. Whatever it is! Let go of those questions! Are they cheating, do they like me, did they hear and feel what i said. Was my presentation good enough, did i say the right things, will i die tonight. Yeah all my questions plus more. Causes so much anxiety and then I’m left alone with my thoughts and doubt and stuck in the same place. It’s time to move on and move ahead and know that bad and good will reveal itself and being stuck in your head doesn’t make it any easier to face. Don’t be all in your head about would have, should have, could have, why’s and when’s and how and just trust your NOW! 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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