Many of us feel broken and think we need to Be fixed. Truth is no one is broken and no one can be “fixed”. We can feel hurt and down and can do many things to build ourselves back up.  One of the ways we do this is find self help and self discovery workshops. I believe they are powerful and leave you with many tools in life to get through obstacles and to be reminded of just how great you are. 

Many of us think that we can go to these programs and be healed right away, a quick fix. I know this from experience and also speaking to many friends and strangers alike who have participated in such programs. I even know many people who enroll in multiple programs back to back and sometimes simultaneously. In my opinion this is a no no. I mean you risk the chance of being overwhelmed and filled with anxiety with all the discoveries and the motion that you can be fixed from this weekend program. These programs are designed to give you the tools you need to face difficult times in life or to find why you may not be getting where you want to be in life etc. Given these tools you can’t just put them in your pocket after the program is done and expect everything will be better and complete and that you will be “fixed” you have to actually be willing and do the work. Continue in the work! Understand the work and walk with the tools. Actually become the change you are looking for! Make the moves you haven’t been making, continue to strive, be motivated to do more and be more. Sometimes you won’t actually discover what you wished to discover or thought would be revealed right away. Sometimes it’s not just bouncing around into program after program and event after event. Sometimes you just have to BE Still! BE Still and reflect on what you want. BE Still and listen to your inner self, your heart, you thoughts, your soul. BE Still and understand that life’s lessons are not taught all at once and there is no true fix to problems but solutions to get better. BE Still and realize that there is something bigger than you, greater than you, and the “fix” you need is inside of you and around you showing you exactly what you want to see. The universe/God/your higher being has everything you are looking for, all the solutions. The universe/God leads you to these programs and to these churches and to these events and sends people your way to guide you and get you and keep you on the path that is right for you. But you will never know it if you don’t take time and just BE Still and listen!!!!! Continue to run and bounce and you will truly find that it’s the same shit, just a different program if you don’t actually do the work. And to do the work you have to use the tools and to really Understand how the tools will work for you, you sometimes have to BE Still and wait for instructions. 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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