Sorry I’m late! This happened to me and then such and such happened and then before i knew it time slipped out from under me. EXCUSE! 

I didn’t mean to hurt you it’s just that, blah blah blah…. EXCUSE!

Add in every time you have heard someone explain their actions after an apology and how it actually came across as arrogant, as if their life issues or the way they decided to handle their time in front of the time they were suppose to meet you or how something that came up for them was waaaaaay more important that what they promised to do for you. 

With me if you need to explain why and why and why you couldn’t keep a commitment with me or how you didn’t mean to hurt me BUT… Then an apology is not needed because i really didn’t hear anything past your excuses of why your time or feelings were more important than mine. 

BE Simple when apologizing and make sure it is coming from your heart and authentically! If one wants to know what happened or the whys and how’s etc believe me they will ask. Oh need some definitions of simple? 


  1. Free from guile (innocent)
  2. Free from vanity (modest)
  3. A humble or modest position
  4. Free from complications
  5. Free of elaboration and figuration
  6. Not limited or restricted (UNCONDITIONAL)

An apology should def BE Simple if indeed using all of the positive definitions I’ve pulled from Webster. Otherwise in my opinion the apology is null and void. Simply put. 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent 


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