I sometimes struggle with having to BE Right all the time. It’s because most of the time I am right. Lol. With the comfort of always knowing my “facts” and knowing EVERYTHING, I sometimes even right my wrongs. 

Why do I always have to BE Right? 

I mean I even hear myself when proven wrong trying to explain my way into right and then just getting frustrated while the receiver of my wrong Info who is proving me wrong is just starting to doubt everything I’ve ever said including the times I was right. Lol. Even in this blog post I’m thinking and want to tell you again that i am hardly ever wrong. 

Truth is I am wrong many times. There are things I do and say that are unfair, I have given misinformation just to finish the questioning, even lied about things to make things “better” or to clear my name or a situation. Even in the times my wrongs are received as right I end up feeling terrible because I know the truth! I know that I may have deceived someone. I may have given someone wrong information that will be a domino effect Into more misinformation causing them to be lost or long term affected. There is no righting any of that! 

I am learning that it’s okay to BE Wrong! I’m learning that to admit I was wrong is actually freeing and feels so much better than pretending to BE Right or Righting my wrongs. I’m accepting that none of us know everything and it doesn’t make us any better than the next if we think we do know everything and it doesn’t make us less than anyone else if we don’t know much at all. 

Most importantly Ive realized that when you admit you were wrong…. you are actually …. Right! 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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