I have had so many heart breaks. Many set backs from relationships. Given up and been over it. Cried for days (not weeks lol). Moped around, and questioning why and how. 

I have also gotten over it and grown from the lesson (if it was a bad relationship) or appreciated the time shared and the Understanding of what I wanted next in the future relationship (if it was a decent relationship). 

I have learned that dating is key. And possibly dating multiple people in order to narrow down exactly what it is you want/need, can and can’t deal with and really learn about who you are in relationship. I only learned this because I found i was always jumping into a relationship based on a couple of great qualities and then allowing the rest to come along later, and it never did. Lol. The result was heartbreak and “waste of time”. However, it’s NOT a waste of time. 

I have dealt with all types of people in relationships and I have been hurt so many times and ways that it’s almost like I can discern someone when they are trying to get close to me or I them, and I can really feel from the get go if it’s for me or not. Those I am not able to read…. I don’t (read past keynote,  BE Reading) and those that appear to BE what I’m looking for, I now know I get to date them and keep them at any distant I choose until it naturally becomes (hasn’t happened yet, and I am ok with it, trust). 

My opinion we wouldn’t know what smells good if we didn’t know a bad smell, what taste good if we did t eat something we didn’t like. We wouldn’t know bad sex if we didn’t have great sex. We do t know hate without love and all the other opposites in life. So I BElieve it just as true that it takes a few heartbreaks to know what is needed to fix it. And let’s BE Clear hearts don’t actually break and you can’t really BE fixed bit we can handle a little pain to get to the joy. So I encourage all of you to BE Healed, know that this relationship may not BE The One, you may have just gotten out of a relationship and feel like that’s the end of it all. It’s not!!!! Pick yourself up and enjoy meeting new people. Make lasting connections even if just a few friends along the way, good sex maybe, a free meal, a hug and some passionate kisses. Take your time. And most importantly love on you. BE in a relationship with you. Learn what you want and need and recognize what you have to offer. And offer it, don’t ever let anyone take it! BE Healed! 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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