If you have been reading past keynotes you know that I have often times, in my past, tried to fit in or please people. It comes from lack of self worth. Having the fear of being abandoned or not accepted and especially from loved ones, more specifically love interests. 

Hearing someone say you aren’t good enough or you are lacking in any area of life whether career, finances, love, whatever, is hard to swallow or accept. It should allow for you to access and make a shift in areas or to decide, “I’m good where i am, and if it’s not good enough for you then there’s the door”. 

When it comes to personality, or just who you are in general, there should be NO negotiation of trading in who you are to BE Someone else. 

To me there is a difference but in both situations it is important to BE Stable in who you are and what you bring to relationships! BE Stable in your career. BE Stable financially. BE Stable with your life decisions. BE Stable with who you are. 

Once you learn to BE Stable in all these areas of your life and who you are then you come into other peoples lives and situation able to offer and add to rather than being a burden or the product of “people trying to change you”. 

Again, BEing Stable with yourself does not mean you have it all together. BE Stable even in just where you are in life and know that you are continuing to grow at your pace in the process. If who you are and what you offer isn’t good enough for someone then they have two options. Love you anyways or move on. Never allow someone to change you! 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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