Ever taken a picture with someone and they looked all perfect and ish and you looked all crooked faced eyes half closed? So vain we discard the photo not allowing the others in the photo to have their perfect moment to shine. Lol. Well it’s time you learn to let go of all that perfect mentality! I mean in reality, outside of photos YOU are not even perfect! You have flaws, you have areas in life that you can improve. We all do! What makes you so unique and lovable and Interesting are your flaws and the very things that make you insecure that you have learned to accept (and if you haven’t quite yet, keep working at it because it’s BE YOUtiful!). People connect to real humans. And real humans have flaws, and flaws are the very thing that make us human. Lol! 

There again is no such thing as perfect! Ever! Nothing at all in life is perfect!!!!!! But in my opinion when you realize you aren’t perfect and accept the things that are not perfect and work hard at being better in areas that can be improved you become as Perfect as can BE. So go ahead! Claim it and BE Perfect starting with BEing Perfectly flawed! 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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