Have you ever bought a concert ticket on a ticket selling website? Ever purchased fashion or clothing online? Maybe you booked a vacation package complete with airfare, hotel, rental car and destination events. You can’t see any of those things physically. It’s not until you actually make it to the concert and sit through it and experience it good or bad, rain or shine or if it even happens as some concerts cancel due to the performers illnesses or weather and many times those tickets are non refundable, hello Janet Jackson! Sometimes your online order comes and you find it’s too tight or too loose, not the right style or looks cheaper in person than it did online. Now you have to go through all the motions of sending it back and maybe getting another or nothing at all in return. Same thing with the vacation, cancellations happen and many times in this situation you can’t change your vacation days with work so you have to shift and just find something else to do on your 2 weeks off. 

Shift! I love that word! It’s all about just shifting and making something work from something that didn’t. 

The same way you blindly preordered these things that you could not see the outcome for and we’re hopeful that everything worked out in your favor is the same way WE should chase after our dreams. It’s true it doesn’t work out for everyone but what do you have to lose and imagine all you have to can if you just go go go and BE Hopeful that it all turns out! Just go and do and BE!!!! It’s not guaranteed! But one thing you can BE Sure of is that you’re worth the journey!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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