We all want the best in life! Career, relationship, friendship, family, clothes, jewelry, fame, fortune, all that! We want it perfect! Until we understand that it’s about the growth of getting there and nothing is ever perfect!

Understand that in life everything must grow. Grow bigger, grow stronger, grow older, grow wiser, etc. 

Once we realize that growth takes place we then understand that there are steps to growing. And it is up to us to make things better in our lives. 

If there is so much truth in all things grow and that there are steps to take in order to reach that growth we then understand that somethings take time and we must be patient for things to come to be. We also must take in the beauty of where we are in life and celebrate before going to the next level or we will constantly be in that bitter state of not appreciating where we are in life and growth then becomes a staggering mess of what am I doing wrong. ?…. 

This is why it is important for us to BE Content in life. Not settle! There is a huge difference! When we are content in life we are happy where we are for the moment but keeping in mind growth comes as does change and we get to BE then content in the next level and so on and so on as we continue to grow and clim the ladder of success. 

So try it. Close your eyes, breathe deep and say I am content with my life for where it is at the moment then celebrate and then make new goals, reach them, and repeat. But remember, do not look for things missing and over look what you already have. You could end up losing it all. 

BElieve. BE Free, BE YOUtiful… Be!

Keone Dent


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