Okay I hear you asking. BE Where Keone? The answer is again BE There. ?…. 

So many times we are doing all we can for people we love. Going beyond the distance even. We are therapist, counselors, babysitters, maids, and even bank machines. So many times while BEing there for others, we tend to forget about ourselves until all we have done for others becomes heavy and bottled up and by that time we are screaming what about MEeeeeeeee but by then sometimes it’s too late because everyone has gotten comfty with you BEing There for them and now don’t know how to BE There for YOU. 

Well, I am telling you (in my Effie White voice) that just as it IS important to BE There for others, we must know when to BE There for ourselves. Making sure WE are taken care of and that WE take support from others just as WE give! Making sure that we are healthy and happy, loved. Because if WE can’t BE There for ourselves it may be the last time we can BE There for anyone else. Think on that. 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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