Do you ever plead and beg and cry and pray and go crazy over trying to get someone to do right? I mean do you bend over backwards and lose sleep wondering what you’ve done wrong and why you are being treated with such disrespect. Why you are misunderstood, and feel more in the way than making a way? Is the love you’re giving not being returned? Do you find yourself constantly giving while others are taking. Supporting, while others are tearing you down? Tired? Down? Stressed? 

What for? Whatever it is that you keep stressing yourself over must be moved aside so you can BE Stress Free. Stop crying over him/her and BE Stress Free. Start living for YOU and BE Stress Free. BE there for those who are willing to reciprocate and be there for you and BE Stress Free. Live life and BE Stress Free. I mean wait! Life is never completely Stress Free but why add more unnecessary stress when you can just let all things that are bringing the stress go? 

Oh you can’t let it go? Why? Could it be that YOU are the one causing the stress? Bringing the drama? Standing in the way of even your own happiness? Well in that case, fix it!!!!! Change and shift and then guess what? BE Stress Free!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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