23k followers on Instagram, 100k on Facebook, 40k on Twitter, 112 on snap chat, hundreds of associates and no inner circle. Or we do have a close circle of friends but we are so busy trying to entertain everyone that we forget to nourish our circle. 

Intimacy seems to be real low in our world today almost non existent. We are so engulfed in our phones at the dinner table, workaholics and always looking for time to rest or just introvert ourselves. Some of us have been hurt in friendships that we don’t trust anyone with our business and ideas and dreams so we stay to ourselves. 

I used to be this guy! I was the life of the party and always in front of everyone but never showing my true self. No one to vent to. No one to share my thoughts with. Became really lonely and almost lifeless. 

It wasn’t until i learned that it was okay and very important to BE Intimate with my friends and family. Really just share who I am. My relationships became better and purposeful. I was happy and healthy and life really opened itself up. 

Even just recently I have opened up to BE Intimate with my boyfriend. Stopped being so closed off and selective with my sharing of self and I tell you this has been the best relationship I have ever been in. Full of love and respect. Open, connection, fun, caring, evolving and growing into everything I never imagined it to BE! All because I am no longer afraid to BE Intimate. 

Now, I still keep my circle super tiny, the size of a dot if you will but I share much intimacy with them. I would never trade any of them away!

I encourage everyone to open up to a few of your close friends and family and BE Intimate with them. If you find it to be a difficult to do so, it may be because you haven’t learned to BE Intimate with even yourself. Change that right away!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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