Diplomatic definition: having or showing an ability to deal with people in a sensitive and effective way.

Yes I have said it in the past keynote BE Straight forward that we get to speak our minds and say what we feel, what you not gone do, and what is ok and not in your life. I still stand firm in that belief but we also need to learn to decipher when and where and how we use our words with opinions in certain situations. 

It is important to have your own beliefs and ways of thinking but it is important to Understand that others get to have their opinions and thoughts. Debate is okay but to really just hold someone captive to your way of thinking and disregard there’s is something that is happening in our world today and if you been living in the same world as me you see we are hurting right now. Holding people captive with our words is keeping us all in a box, keeping us arrested under the beliefs of others. Not allowing us to love who we choose to love, praise who we want to praise, dress how and BE who we want to BE. We all know when we are blocked from being who we want to BE and living how we wish to live we become defiant. I do. Shit, if you don’t support me then I don’t hear the support you need. Bad bad bad!!!!! I’m learning to Be better. 

Let’s all start to have compassion for one another! We don’t have to accept every way of living or being. We don’t have to agree with everything in life but we can surely respect one another and our thoughts and ways. Especially if it isn’t hurting anything or anyone! 

Let’s Be Diplomatic with everything in life! This means we are sensitive, compassionate, understanding, open, non confrontational, kind, loving, sympathetic and empathetic to one another. You know, treating them like other breathing human beings. 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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