Ever had those moments when something good happens to you and you just know it was meant to be? You know that dream job you landed, that best friend you shared an aha moment with, that vacation where you met that fine ass brother/sister/ or other (lol) and couldn’t get enough of. I mean it just seemed like the stars were aligned and that it was destined for you to have this experience, success, outcome. 

Well, I believe that all things are destined and written and we are the ones that determined what the outcome will be. I HEAR you!!! How so Keone? How if I am turned down from a job I want is it me that determines the outcome. Glad you asked Susan. Lol. You didn’t control the outcome of the decision made at that moment but you still get to choose if you will give up or continue in the quest of finding and getting what you want. If it is meant to be, with hard work and determination it will be. Sometimes you don’t even have to work that hard. Sometimes it just lands in your lap. 

The most important thing is to realize life is. Your life is what it is due to what you have been through and how you have come through it. Your life are made up of the decisions/choices you’ve made. Your upbringing, whether good or bad, allowed you to grow from or into and live accordingly to make change for the better or to settle in the blessing. 

Once you understand that your life just is, you learn that you get to create more for your life. Allow me to further explain.

If you know that you are allergic to peanuts after eating a whole can and swelling up and almost dying, then you know you just can’t eat peanuts! You now get to find a new snack to enjoy! If you know the struggle of gaining weight because you are not active and getting the exercise you need then you learn the only way to release that weight is to actively do something about it. Your struggles and your setbacks are your signs that you are on the right path. Life cannot just be handed to us and we cannot just live easy simple struggle Free lives because then the purpose of life is useless. To teach others, to uplift and encourage. To be of service to others. 

Most importantly if we cannot accept who and where we are at the moment, we will never learn to really appreciate the blessings that do make their ways into our lives.

Never compare your life with others. I mean one may have a sexy mate. But does he/she treat that person right? Someone may have their dream job…..one day and snatched away the next week. The late Kate Spade had an empire she built from the ground up and still suffered depression. 

BE Content in your lives. Appreciate the little things that you can be happy about. Hold on to those beautiful lessons learned while reaching new heights and successes. Always remember, who you are is every struggle, burden, heartbreak, rejection, setback, and also, proud moments, successes, love affair, etc that has come in and out of your life. Love who you are! BE who you are, struggles and all. Just don’t stay there because who you are is waiting for you to be great, even again tomorrow. 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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