We are all so different! Everyone of us. Though we may have similar qualities and characteristics, WE are ALL DIFFERENT! So if we are different then that means everything  in life doesn’t work the same way for each person. Decisions are not meant to be made the same way, lessons are not learned the same way. What works or worked for you may not for someone else. 

So maybe you have experienced something that someone else may be going through, or have wisdom and knowledge in situations but YOU have NEVER been anyone else but yourself! Hello? It is important that we don’t push advice or ideas on others. We can’t always predict what will work for someone else and remember everyone is a living human being and what we push off on someone can drastically change their life even for the worst and all because we know it all and only our way is the way. 

Instead of proving to everyone why what we believe or have learned is the right way we should BE Sharing our testimonies and stories and wisdom in such a way that allows one to want to learn more or make a decision to try on whatever is BEing Shared. We should allow people to be individuals and get their aha moments from experience. Learn what works for them in whatever situation even if the situation is identical to what we ourselves have been through. If it’s life threatening and you must use a bit more force, DON’T! Unless you are certified! Hello! Somethings call for professional help. 

In every lesson learned is an opportunity to pass the wisdom down to others. It is the way of life. So BE Sharing your wisdom with all the learn from but don’t force! No need to prove. The proof will be in the results they create. And the only proof is what worked for them. Got it? Good!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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