This keynote already speaks for itself. It says it all! Back in the day when I first started keynotes it was not planned that I would start a blog site and go into depth about my quotes so everything was said in the quote itself. 

So quickly summed up. Some people are lazy, rude, inconsiderate and take advantage of others. Sometimes it’s friendships, lovers, even family members. If someone is lying to, hurting, deceiving you they will continue to as long as they know YOU aren’t going anywhere.  Many times we sit around and say what needs to change or “we are leaving” and then stay and continue to complain, plead, and beg for the person to do better. The best way for someone to change for the better (in most cases) is to let one go and give them space to grow. Honestly speaking, leaving them to allow them to see that losing you is a reality and that they can’t just continue to take advantage of you. Some don’t see what they have until what? IT’s GONE! 

Not only are you making Room for them to grow and change you are also removing them from your situation to reassess if this is what YOU want, and freeing up the stress you once held on to waiting for this person to “get it together”. 

It is important to BE The Change especially when one around you is not budging. It’s your life and why wait around for someone who is not willing to join your life and add to it and allow you to be apart of theirs?

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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