As a child, do you ever remember being at a public pool and in a hurry to get to the diving board so you run, slip, and bust your ass!!!!?? Signs everywhere warning you to walk not run for this exact reason. Life too has these warning signs. Telling us to slow down, BE Easy, careful, take your time. 

Instead we rush through life trying to accomplish our goals, reach dreams and in a specific timeline sometimes going too fast to enjoy the fruits of our labor and sometimes failing and not even making it because we didn’t plan well and “ran” through life and fell down and busted our asses! 

Now, the reasons I ran to the diving board are of many. 

  • I wanted to get to the board before someone else did.
  • There was a long line already and just didn’t want to have to wait for one more person in the line.
  • Excitement for what I was about to do off the diving board. 

None of the reasons I ran mattered because I 

Fell down and never made it to the board. So now the person I wanted to beat got there before me and safely making them able to jump again and again. The line was still full but I wasn’t in it. And I never got to do my next trip. Not because i was hurt or anything but because my dad saw me fall and it was my punishment for not following instructions and rules. However I could have been badly hurt! 

Same scenario in life! Had I just took my time and walked safely I would have gotten to the board and in a good time regardless of who was in front of me, or how long the line was, I would still be able to impress everyone (honestly myself because no one really cared about the half twist I was about to perform when everyone else was doing back flips etc). Just BE Steady and accomplish your goals, steadily make your dreams come true. It is not a race, it is your life! It is not a competition, it is your life. The quality of what you do in life is much more than the amount of times you do it. Really just BE Steady and make life happen in the timeline it was designed for. No matter who gets there first, no matter who is coming up behind you! Get to the diving board of life safely yet effectively paced and dive into life full on! 

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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