Everyone falls in love sometimes but not always for the right reasons and many times it’s not that one falls in love but they settle in “love”. I know I have several times. It wasn’t until I really took time to accept and love who I was that I was able to find real love and fall!
We won’t be with a perfect person ever, in my opinion. They will be too short, too tall, gain weight, lose too much weight, not have life figured out or know “it all”, whatever other complaints we may have of the opposite. One will never have it all. However, one CAN have everything we want and need should we learn to accept one for who they are and what they do offer. This can only truly be done when you can look at yourself and accept and love YOU, flaws and all and realize you don’t have everything one may be looking for but can authentically offer all of who you are.
Once we learn and love ourselves we then become aware of what we want and need from others while accepting they may not show up with “everything” but have all that is required to love and BE Loved.
You know I’ve said it in many past keynotes, what you put out is what you get back. You want joy? BE Joy! You want sexy? BE just that. You want LOve? You really have to BE Love! If you are petty, expect petty. Got it?
Bottom line is you can’t be IN LOVE if when it comes to YOU, you are out of it. Okay that made more sense when I was thinking of what to say and then I typed it and now I’m staring at it sideways attempting to correct it. I won’t! Here it is. If you can’t BE In Love with yourself, you will truly not know what it means to Be Loved by someone else. You will also not BE able to really love someone else with that compassionate, unconditional love. You will only be able to say, you are next to love. Sit with that!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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