“Life is sooooo hard, but don’t we make it that way”? This is a line in my poem “content”. The answer is yes! Yes we do make it hard. There are situations in life that can appear hard but life itself is easy.
With all of the resources in life, family, friends, humanitarian programs, strangers, and most importantly ourselves being there for us and ready to help when support is asked for. How often though are we not asking for the support or allowing for people to be there for us and trying to do everything all by ourselves and then complaining day in and out how it’s so hard to get through this and how alone we are and having no one there for us. Now, I get it, maybe no one currently is around for you but that would be something you must access and ask yourself who am I letting in my circle and who am I keeping out. No need to explain that, sit with it. Oh you get it now! Right!
Life is not hard, only the situations that may arise and then we add our own obstacles to the mix, making this appear even harder. Sometimes we even like for things to appear harder, not for ourselves but for others to feel sorry for us and when we pull through we look like super hero’s. Oh, oh just me? Only I’m over dramatic about shit? Oh ok. Cool.
Listen take some time to breathe. Relax, don’t stress so much. Things are going to be hard, life will get messy, emotions will run high, and yes at times we may feel like we are in all of this alone. The truth is things will turn out. We just need to be open to support, we need to be strong and creative and every so shifting in life (all of these are future keynotes). Life can be so easy if you are willing to just BE Easy! Take it easy!!!!! Better yet life is hard but we make it (through) that way!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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