So when I wrote this keynote some didn’t understand it. I received messages that said how if you please yourself will others follow (in pleasing you). Well that’s not what I meant.
It is no anyone’s duty to please anyone! I mean unless you are a jester in the queens court or something like that. Why do we spend so much time in pleasing others while putting ourselves on the back shelf? It is completely necessary to Be Kind to others, to help out or be there for someone else, etc, but there is a difference between being there for someone and pleasing them. Look we are not always going to be someone’s favorite flavor! That means they may not be ours. Totally ok!
Now what I meant by it was learn to please yourself In all ways. Mentally! Meditate in ways you enjoy and release stress and negativities. Physically! Take yourself to spas, go shopping and spend on yourself or whatever else makes you happy. Sexually! Learn yourself and how you like to BE Touched and what you love and share it with your partner. Others will follow!!!! They too will learn to please themselves and then won’t have to rely on you trying to please them and you can all BE Pleased together!

BElieve, BE Free, BE TOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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