The world is constant change. Our surroundings change, our situations change, our lives change, so it is only true that we too change. That’s natural! What isn’t natural is to change to blend or fit in, or to change for someone else based on what they need alone. Changing to be like someone else is a big no as well. Not fair to you and not fair to them. In all ways.
When someone changes you into what they want you to be you both lose, In my opinion. You don’t get to shine for who you really are and they only get the made up version of you. I say let them find someone who fits their mold and let me continue to BE!
You see whatever age you are is how long it has taken you to BE exactly who you are. Who you are is what is wanted and needed just as is at this very moment.
Why would a company that made shirts with their own giraffe logo on it (yes, giraffes are my faves) and were known for just that, started using Gucci, Versace, or any other brands logo? It’s silly! They would lose there integrity for their brand, everyone would know they were a fraud, the END!
Same goes for you! Just like everyone knows a fake designers bag, or a knockoff red bottom shoe, synthetic from real Brazilian, or a cheap dollar store cologne, they can sniff you out as well! Let go of trying to BE something you’re not! Let go of Generic and BE Original!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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