I used to be the guy who would stretch my truth in order to feel and appear to be better than I really thought I was. Before I became an equity actor and performed on professional stages, I led people to believe I was always living in my dream, when in reality I was working community theatre and non union shows, trying to make my dreams come true. When I finally made it, not only was I not able to truly celebrate, but It became hard to keep up with the lies and I even almost forgot what was true and not causing me to also lose timeline in my life. Awful way to live.
Not only in my career was I telling these lies and missing out on the truth but also in my relationships with friends and lovers. Falling in “love” with controllers and cheaters, dedicating my time to people who weren’t really for me. Telling myself that I needed this person and life is not complete without that person. Lies that I fed myself that kept me away from the truth because it had become a habit and I was accepting less that what I deserved and it only felt right because it became my truth! Terrible way to live! Actually not living at all!
In all things we must BE Truthful!
Not just for the obvious reasons of living a clean honest life but for many other benefits. If you haven’t experienced something in life like owning a luxury car or going on an amazing trip wouldn’t you want to instead of just saying you have and by the time you really do you don’t appreciate it because well you have already had it all along? Would you want to celebrate a victory and have others celebrate with you when you are accepted into that college or get the part in that broadway show, or get that promotion at work above all other qualified candidates in stead of having to continue with the lie of already being successful and waiting for it to happen, if by then it even happens because remember you’ve already had it so no need for the universe/God to bless you with it, right?
You understand I’m sure, BE Truthful in life with yourself and everyone else! It’s the only way to LiVE and I mean TRULY LIVE!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



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