Through my life, I have met a lot of people. I had made connections and became friends with many of them. Some remain but most either faded away or I dismissed them.
I had low tolerance when it came to people and letting them in or letting them stay in for too long. I was fragile, easily hurt. Quick to become irritated when someone didn’t keep their word, embarrassed by some of their characteristics and ashamed of our differences (be accepted explains more). I just couldn’t handle so many friends, yet felt so lonely. Many times even questioned what is wrong with me, why don’t people want to be my friend. Until I realized, I am a people too and do these same things that I so quickly judge others for.
Spending much time alone and having time to relate to myself, I really got to know myself super deep. I kept a few journals over the years and wrote all of my feelings good and bad and what caused those feelings, the situations that created my reactions. I read these journals often, remembering the moments and reflecting on how I felt and why I felt that way. I laughed many times at how petty I was with some things, and rolled my eyes at other journal entries at how I was playing victim and ignorant.
I also was very aware at how many times I flaked on people and made up corny ass excuses as to why I couldn’t make an outing with them, or how I was just treating people in general when I let them in and discovered It was mostly just a defense mechanism that I used in order to not get hurt or disappointed.
Boy did I miss out on a lot of great friendships and relationships!
After really getting to know myself, I have learned to really accept who I am and how to BE Harmonious within myself. I basically became my best friend! Loving myself totally for my flaws, and my best assets. Hanging out with myself and having a blast! Taking myself to dinners. Laughing with and at myself. Really learning to be alone with myself and realizing it’s okay to BE Alone (another keynote, go read it next if you haven’t) but separate the term from being lonely.
It’s a great feeling to BE Harmonious within yourself. It has created so many opportunities that I had missed in the past. It has made me open to let people in. The friends I have are so genuine and loving because I know how to choose them. I can accept their differences and converse about how things about them makes me feel, good and bad. Accept how they feel about me good and bad. The acquaintances I have are decent. Lmao, they’re decent yes and that’s why they are acquaintances. I know peoples places in my life and if they are good for me or not and if they belong or don’t. I have the total power and I am protected from being hurt or broken. Feeling pain sure because I am human but able to forgive and let go and keep shit moving! All because I learned to BE Harmonious.
I encourage everyone to really get to know and BE Harmonious with themselves. You will open up a whole new world for yourself! A world filled with love and understanding! Free yourself from solitude and loneliness! You will create Harmonious relationships. You will even find that best friend you have always wanted. That best friend may even BE Yourself!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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