I’ve been a flight attendant now for 4 years now. Been on so many international and domestic trips, stayed in so many hotels, looked out the windows of the hotels and saw a world waiting to be explored and by the time I got dressed and headed out the door, my mind was set on food and drinks and maybe a few sites and then back in for the night. So many excuses. Not having the money, scared of the streets and being in a foreign country or area, no one else in the crew wanted to tag along, whatever other lame cop out (insert here and then insert it in my ass). That’s exactly where the excuses belong.
Now your turn, how many times have you looked out the window? Not your own window but the windows of other people’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and thought wow they had a great time, lucky them, I wish I could do things like that, etc. guess what? You can!!!!! We all can!!!!!
Okay, I mentioned money! Or the lack of. But how many tubes of lipstick have you bought this year, or clothes/shoes? How many times did you go to the club paid an entrance fee and then had to buy drinks for yourself and some of you had to buy for your broke ass friends too. Or how many times did you eat out this week alone? How many bags of weed did you purchase just yesterday and it’s almost gone already? Okay that last part used to be me (not anymore). Listen this is money spent unnecessarily and can be put away little by little to take a huge journey, or a small trip, whatever. Instead we are stuck in doing the same shit over and over and once in a while we go to an amusement park and call it a vacation. Smh!!!!! Get out and do something different! BE adventurous for once! I PROMISE it will change your life! It will become such a passion and habit for you to do big things in every area of your life!
Just recently I started doing more interesting, educational, and extreme activities on my layovers. Visiting historic sites (never was interested), eating at new and exciting restaurants, zip lining, bungee jumping, and I can’t wait to do more! I’m like a junkie now and anything basic is just too dull for me and I’d rather sleep and save the money for when the next adventurous thing arises!
I have nothing else to say really (as if I haven’t rambled at this point). STOP making excuses! STOP BEing LAME and get yo ass up out the window and BE Adventurous!!!!!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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