Today’s world brings a lot of negativity. Especially for those of us who are engulfed by the daily news, social media, and most effective, our own bad thoughts.

Negativity does not only affect your face (causing it to look unpleasant as your lips are pursed and eyes scrunched up and every wrinkle present, or being created) but it is very unhealthy for your body. Doctors along with scientist have proven that negativity and complaining causes stress to your body which weakens the immune system and allows for illnesses to take over your body. Stress is even one of the leading causes for cancer!

Okay, this information you can find by googling and reading some profound health site, as for my blog spot I want to keep it opinionated wisdom so back to the keynote.

Concentrate most on smiling throughout the day, you will have less time to worry about anything negative!

Lets state some facts here. Can you flat iron your hair while standing under the water in the shower? No! Can you do your makeup to look fresh and new while standing in a hot sauna? Nope! Can you get dressed while simultaneously hitting the wall with your fist? No, no you can’t and this last example may also hurt really bad!

All of these random off the wall examples (because I didn’t want to use basic examples and wanted to be original) are to show you that there is no possible way to have a good day or live a good life if you are always negative!!!

Being negative is broad and I’m not only speaking of pitying ourselves or putting ourselves down, I mean being negative goes as deep as the thoughts that can’t even be seen physically. Those are the ones that are hurting us the most. We must uplift ourselves and speak positive things into our lives and futures. Not only to ours alone but to everyone we come in contact with. Remember the keynote, BE Kind, how I mentioned that people you come in contact with even if just for a moment are part of your life? Well as it is true, when you speak negativity to someone you are speaking it to yourself and faster than it reaches the heart of the other person as it was already in your mind and heart affecting you in the worst way.
To not believe in someone’s ability to conquer or become successful in dreams, goals, aspirations, is like doubting our own ability! Judging another person negatively opens up judgment in negative ways to ourselves.

We all know that many times what we speak is what surrounds us. When we expect negative things to happen and they come to past what do we say!? I knew it, told you so, this is my life and I’m not surprised.

What about when positive things happen for us and we doubt we deserve it, we are surprised and don’t know how to act or respond to good things happening. Well listen, change this!!!! Stop with the negativity! We have enough shit in this world that is negative and it will take each and every one of use to turn it around and create the positive energy that still exists in our broken world!

Back to the beauty examples of doing something positive like curling your hair while standing in negativity like the shower (silly analogy) but it just can’t be! I encourage you to step out of negativity! When you start to feel negative thoughts coming on, think of something that makes you smile, go out and do something you enjoy doing and smile! Google a joke (BE Happy keynote reference). Start finding positive things to say to the people in your lives. Compliment strangers! Build self esteems, starting with your own! Surround yourself with positive people. When negative people come around, dismiss them, don’t take part in their negative gossip! Don’t dwell on the negative people who say you can’t do something, don’t be the negative person that tells others they can’t do it! Listen and believe when someone says you are great and will go far, and mean it and believe it when you encourage someone else!

BE positive in all things! BE Healthy as a result of being positive! Turn negative ways into positivity! And smile! Smile big!!! Concentrate on smiling, even now! Go to the mirror and smile very big. Hold on to that smile and remember how you look and feel right now smiling! The next moment you feel negative, simply smile! Knowing that there is no way to frown at the same time as the words positive and negative don’t even go together.

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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