To loan money, a Micheal Koors bag, or a diamond ring to a stranger could set you up for risk of not getting those things back, but a smile is absolutely free and you have nothing to lose!

Think of a time you were emotionally stressed, feeling lonely and hurt and walked passed someone, made eye contact and instead of the person smiling at you they just continued to walk on. This has happened to me and I think to myself, wow, people are not what they used to be. Truth is, I was being that same person because instead of offering a smile I waited for the gesture first. Who am I? Smh! This happens the most when I’m walking in the airport and pass other flight attendants. Many times we look at each other, sometimes up and down, and continue about our day. Then we talk about each other in saying “wow the flight attendants at this base are rude and think they are just too good. Guess what? They probably say the same thing.

I really can’t think of many times when I have smiled at someone and didn’t get a smile back. If not a returned smile, at least a head nod, or a smize (Tyra Banks word for smiling with your eyes). Smiles are contagious! However, if you’re one to wait for a smile to be given to you, chances are many others are the same way and there is no way to catch joy that way!

We all look better when we smile. We appear approachable, kind, we glow, and our true beauty from the inside shines making us even more BE YOUtiful on the outside. Imagine walking around without a smile and looking irritable and angry, or stuck up and entitled and a model scout or a CEO of a company you may one day want to work for sees you or walks past you and you give off this character of just jaded and over it, you may just pass up an opportunity! One that will send you to new heights and dreams come true all because you couldn’t just BE Pleasant and wear a smile.

I totally get we all have bad days, we all hurt, with all the bad news in the world we find it hard to sometimes smile and be intimate with strangers and co workers alike. But this is what the world is missing and you are allowing yourself to be in the number of people who appears jaded and over it all the time.

Don’t be afraid to BE Pleasant! Smile often just because! When you make eye contact with someone flash a smile. Don’t worry if you don’t get one back, although 8 times out of ten you will! Give away all the smiles you possibly can. Loaning out a smile could eventually BE Rewarded by something greater, and that’s JOY!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



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